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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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    Solar LED Give away!

    I have to brag, even though I have to wait a while before I can install the LEADSUN SOLAR LED LIGHT! This product is even of higher quality than I expected and I am very chuffed with it! Thank you Jason, also for the professional way delivery was done! For now, here are some pictures after receiving my prize.
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    Out of interest. I run an electric gate (12V ET Gate Motor) off a 102ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 15A Controller and 100W solar panel. I also have an LED floodlight (12V, 10W) which comes on for 3 min every time the gate is opened. Easily manages this...
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    I think with the small load of +-27w a 100Ah battery will be more than enough to carry the load for +- 2 days with no sun at all, this will put it on 50% DOD. 27w is not close to the C20 rating (100Ah) of the battery and you should easily get more then 100Ah out of the battery with the slow discharge rate. What I would ask for is a bigger panel 180w and up maybe. What charge controller did they recommend?
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    Wind Turbines

    I must admit I forget that the thing needs a serious foundation with all the torque etc is will endure... Looks like a great job done... make space for the mixer truck... no hand mixing here ...


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