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    I would just like to say thank you to everyone for supporting this great forum. We started in 2013. We are so close to 2000 members. I can not contain my excitement! If any one could share a link to the forum to friends via Facebook or email or any other means. This will be fantastic. I am so really excited for that 2000! The extra users supports our singular google adds campaign at the bottom of the forum to help pay for the server costs. I did not want to place these every where on the forum and rather opted for the clean professional look. Its been a great Journey! To many many more years!! Sincerely Jason
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    Getting my head around Solar

    I beg to differ....
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    Getting my head around Solar

    The MKS 5K is a 48V inverter. You don't care about Ah. What you care about is Wh. 4 x 100Ah batteries have exactly the same capacity as 2 x 200ah, because 4 * 12V * 100Ah == 2 * 12V * 200Ah == 4.8kwh. They will also cost pretty much the same, and you get to use thinner cables with the 48V one. The only downside really is that really good batteries tend to be larger capacities, that is to say, there aren't many good 100Ah batteries but there are a lot of crappy ones. Things change when you go LiFePO4. Then there are lots of good batteries around the 100Ah mark :-)
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    The Axpert puts an inverter and an MPPT into one case, but internally the output of the MPPT and the input to the inverter are tied to the same bus which is in turn connected to the batteries. It's exactly the same as the more traditional "external mppt" model, except the connections are neatly hidden. That... and the inverter can control the power levels of the MPPT for self-consumption purposes. Adding another external MPPT cannot of course be controlled by the inverter, so it isn't exactly the same... just very close.
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    DB requirements

    So I redid the board - turned out that almost every power socket and several lights ran off one circuit. so now I have 5 plug circuits, air cons on their own breakers, and proper e/l on all the plugs. and the board is so much neater. And I have a CoC worth something! Elbow


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