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    Saam Staan (Group Buy)

    Hope this is not out of order. If so you are welcome to delete. People has asked me if it is possible to do collective buying. For me it is 100% fine. Currently I am importing 400W panels again. The going rate for these panels. The current cost of these panels are R1450 per panel delivered to SA Cape Town. I can ship it to Harties and from there redistribute. On top of the R1450 there will be VAT R1667.50 and maybe some unpacking fee's. I am importing at least 200 and I am sure the more we buy the better priced it will be. Although the drops will be small. If you are interested you are welcome to contact me. For me its about doing the people stealing from us.
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    Upgradeable hybrid system

    Yes, these numbers must be identical.
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    Trober's new 12kW Off-grid system

    Hi all, Thanks to so much good information on this forum, a lot of thinking, planning and building, I finally came online on Saturday. So far everything works pretty well. Eskom mains was turned off on Sunday and so far, no need even to run the generator. I am still finding my feet with all the settings and discovery of the best options but My system: 24 X JAR 375 W Mono's (8.8kWp) 3 X Axpert Type 4kW inverters in parallel (12kW) 7 X Narada NPFC100 Li-Fe-Po4 batteries (33.6kWh) 1 X Deutsz 15kVA generator Pic attached.
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    Good point about the 3 phase motors single phasing. I would install a 3 phase protection relay for each motor. This would be more solid than the under/over voltage relays that were mentioned.
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    Is there a specific reason why you switch neutral in the control circuit (solar auxiliary)? normally only the live should be switched. In my own system I have only single phase that switches between solar and grid, probably also about 10ms and have no issues. I switch even big loads like fridge, washing machine, tumble drier etc. I can hear the motor ramping up or down on the vacuum cleaner or see light dim or bright as my grid voltage is 245V and my solar 220V but I had no problems yet. I doubt your system will have any problems switching to single phase as long as there is no single phasing of 3 phase motors.
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    The changeover contactor is mechanically (and electrically) interlocked. It is not possible to have the two contactors energised at the same time. These contactors are used in reversing drives when a phase is reversed to change direction of a 3 phase motor.
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    Right. It's just come to my attention that the 24V Pylontech US2500 battery implements the new extensions.
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    Upgradeable hybrid system

    From the webinar on Nov 29 2019 it was stated that hardware/software limiting can be used to throttle it within spec: https://arepenergy.co.za/city-of-cape-town-webinar-nov-2019/
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    Upgradeable hybrid system

    Below is the text of the email and attached are the required forms. NOTIFICATION FOR GRID ACCESS-EG.DOCX SSEG Tshwane Application Form Nov 2017 V4.docx Tshwane SSEG Commissioning Report with Tests Rev1 0 with CoT logo.pdf
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    Yes and no. It's rated to run at 80% power continuously, assuming ambient is not crazy. When you go over 80%, it starts to run hot and if you do this for too long (usually around the hour mark) it will overheat and shut down. But because in an off-grid application an inverter is sized for the peak power, and you generally run at the peak for only short periods, you're given that extra 20% without some electronic nanny stepping in and shutting things down. But when running grid tied, it is permanently limited to 80% of the total capacity to keep it cool. So yes, when running off-grid it can do 100%. But also no... it cannot do it continuously, so you could argue that it is always best to stick to 80%. My 3kVA has done 3.2kW loads during load shedding for example. Really short periods though, boiling a kettle short.
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    it is the other way around. The EM series has a lower maximum (50%) "back up" and battery charge output compared to the ES series.
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    If ordering from Banggood. Use this one from my experience it is best. South Africa Direct Mail (Tax Free) 7-15 business days Tracked
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    Retrieve Goodwe data using RPI/ Openhab

    i had to sign an NDA.......in the software you can change from the sens ip addy to a local one to get the data, but you loose the portal then... only direction i can offer
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    But the crazy diagram shows the battery connected to both inverters.
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    I guess Racegadgets is just a dropshipping company ordering from Banggood. They normally also do the Buffalo shipping. Best tip I can give is order something that has a tracking number. Banggood ordering through Buffalo takes around 20days to arrive. Aliexpress around 60 days
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    Victron have just released their first version of "Wiring Unlimited" - see https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2019/09/03/wiring-unlimited/ Although produced by Victron, this book covers a wide range of topics that apply to any installation, irrespective of the brand of equipment. Topics covered are as follows: Ohm’s Law Power Conductivity and resistance Current, cable resistance and voltage drop Negative effects of cable voltage drop Ripple Battery bank wiring Battery bank Large battery banks Parallel battery bank wiring Battery bank balancing Battery bank midpoint DC wiring Select the right cable Busbars Cable connections Fuses and circuit breakers DC isolation switches Shunt Parallel and/or 3 phase system DC wiring Large system busbars Voltage sensing and compensation Solar panels Communication wiring Data signals Interference Communication cables and connector types Interfaces AC wiring Power generation Distribution networks System current VA and Watt AC wiring Fuses and circuit breakers AC bypass switch Special considerations for AC wiring of parallel and/or 3 phase inverter/chargers Ground, earth and electrical safety Electrical safety Earth wiring RCD Neutral to earth link in inverters and in inverter/chargers Mobile installations Isolation and grounding of Victron Equipment System grounding Galvanic corrosion Preventing galvanic corrosion The galvanic isolator The isolation transformer Enjoy!


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