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    Electric Quad Bike Conversion

    Here's a video of it running : VIDEO. It makes a clanking noise because the back chain is loose and running over the frame. I still need to adjust that and make a rubber chain slider. Otherwise, apart from body work etc, I am quite please with the results so far.
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    Electric Quad Bike Conversion

    With lots of lock down time on my hands, and a quick visit to Bearing Man beforehand, I have managed to progress on this project, almost to completion. I have a 4:1 reduction chain onto the quad final drive which is a further 3:1 reduction. One thing that I forgot is that when you use another gear set, the rotation direction is reversed (duh!), so I need to remove the motor mounting and reverse it. So it currently has one slow forward speed and 3 fast reverse speeds. I don't have batteries as yet, so it is running from jumper cables from my solar batteries (hence why it is standing on the paint bucket). After the lockdown ends there is a place in Kdorp that does recon car batteries for R500 each, so I'll get 4 x 30Ah or 40 Ah and get it mobile.
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    PV intermittently dropping to almost 0 W

    Possibly not relevant to these posters, but I thought I'd add a comment that at least in some cases, unexpected reductions in PV power have been tracked back to the "solar balance" setting. On many models, this is setting 31, but on Axpert Kings, they have this value but there is no setting 31. So after a firmware update, it's possible for the solar balance to "silently" be disabled. So then when you battery is charged, and you have plenty of load and plenty of sunshine, the inverter refuses to use the PV power because solar power balance is disabled. You can turn the solar balance back on with a PSPB1 command, or by resetting to factory defaults (there is a command for that, or Watchpower can do it). When solar balance is enabled, maximum PV power is load power plus the power required to charge the battery. When solar balance is disabled, the maximum PV power is only that required to charge the battery. Why you would want this disabled is beyond me. If interested, details are here.
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    Peter Topp

    New to Solar

    Hi CoCoPops After reading your post I can see you are very new to solar. First of all your request is unusual as you list all your power devices to be used. Usually most people using solar with inverters will try to avoid all high power items. Let me start off by saying you will need to do a lot more homework before deciding what you are going to do. I would suggest a professional guy to nnalise your needs and usage. A solar system does not solely depend on daily use but more on power use at any one given time. If you want to use the items you have listed I am afraid you budget of 200k will certainly not be enough. The batteries mentioned in the post are about R115000.00 for a 7100whr (147ahr) battery. So two batteries alone are above your budget. A 4 plate stove with an oven can use more than 5kw of power on it own. A aircon can use anything from 1,5kw-2,5kw .A solar geyser might need a element on overcast days 2 kw. A pool pump .75kw-1kw. Kettle 2.5kw. Iron 2.5kw. If you add some of these items power together you can see it can add up to way above 10kw at any one time without lights etc. So without elaborating any further it can be seen to run a household solely on solar with all those power devices is normally not feasible unless you have an unlimited budget. I suggest you read lots of posts before going ahead. The items you want to purchase come down to personal choice and budget after you have come up with a system that suits your needs. I do not think anybody is going to tell you how and what to use as this is personal choice. I hope this starts you in the right direction.
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    I have also thought of something very similar: You have a small solar panel, say 5 to 10watts. Connect it to a resistor to match its maximum power point. The power % produced will be in proportional to what your solar PV can output. Then take that voltage from the panel, scale it through a resistor network, and use that voltage on a raspberry pi or arduino or whatever microcontroller. I haven't tried it (yet). What do you guys think? Maybe have a solar panel much smaller like a 1 watt if that is available to reduce the size of the resistor. The reason for the resistor is to get wattage out of the panel as I think that the voltage could not be an accurate measurement of actually available pv power (could be wrong).
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    Version V0.0 Initial Draft Release


    Axpert MKS-4000KS-5000 Service manual V0.0 Initial Draft Release Please Note; This is not an owners manual or an installation manual. It is pitched at readers with good basic electrical knowledge who need to troubleshoot or fault-find an Axpert Inverter. This manual is for Axpert MKS 4KVA-5KVA series, it can help service personal perform the basic maintenance and repair service. This manual focus on the service, so you should get the basic operation of the Inverter/Charger from the user manual, and make sure you had read and understood user manual before you use this service manual. The manual include 8 sections, as follows General Information, this section show you the general information of the service manual Functional Block, this section show you the major functional block of the Inverter/Charger Working Principle of the major Functional Block, this section show you the major functional block Function explanations for each PCB, this section show you all the PCBs of the Inverter/Charger Interface, this section show you the LCD interface, include display and setting Trouble shooting, this section will give you the way to find the trouble Test step ,this section tell you how to test the Inverter/Charger after you repair the unit Electric Specifications, this section show you the basic electric specification of the Inverter/Charger
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    Basic load shedding solution

    Reminds me of the following XKCD webcomic


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