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  1. Dankie vir die inligting! Ek gaan hom so instel.
  2. Good day, I am new to this forum and need some help. I bought a Must 3Kw 24v inverter which have a build in 80A MPPT charger. The charger can charge 20-30A from the utility. I don't have any PV panels as yet. My goal is to beat loadshedding with a manual changeover switch. I need to set up the inverter to charge the batteries optimally. The battery datasheet doesn't specify the settings to be used. This is where all the clever people comes in. I have 2x 200Ah batteries in serie at this stage. The battery specifications are as follow: Cell: 3.2V-100Ah Normal Voltage: 12.8v Capacity 200Ah Cell Groupings: 4S2P Maximum charge current: 50A Discharge cut off voltage: 11.2v Charge Voltage: 13.6 ~ 13.8v My inverter has the following charge settings that I can set up: Maximum charging current (total charging) (80A Default) Maximum utility charging current (20A default) Bulk Charging (CV Voltage) (28.2v default) Floating charging voltage (27v Default) Low DC cut off battery voltage (20.4v Default) Battery stop discharging voltage when grid is available (23.0v Default) Battery stop charging voltage when grid is available (27.0v Default) What is the recommended values on the above settings? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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