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  1. That make so much sense, When you watch the sun on your panels , I see some getting the sun, or loosing , before others. My one string is always better then the other , even though they are identical in make and size and in a row. I can only guess its the way the sun gets to the first string or maybe cable length. Having the string panel partly on another roof will really affect the effectiveness of the panels. Thank you for your valuable input ...
  2. Hi, Having just gone through this, I installed 12 X 450w, 2 strings of 6 on a 8kw Sunsynk. My surprise was that I get no where near 5400w, Because its winter. The most I saw was about 4200w. I have still to setup my monitoring and to get the proper numbers. Summer will be much better. Also my panels are 11a, Most I have seen is 9.6A. Your two important values. Startup voltage, max voltage allowed per MPPT, including panel Amps (I read sunsynk can clip if higher than spek)( each PV input on the inverter). Dont go over that top voltage, ever, There is so much YouTube from Kieth on Sunsynk explaining this. The only advice I could give on the solar panel is make sure its a well known brand and has the Tier one approval. They all offer similar warrentee, around 10 - 15 year but 25 years expected at some loss percentage a year. But I think. What will the value of say a 450w be in 10 years?? So to to me it was important to say, Whats my budget, what can I get for the money and what is the biggest Watts I can use and buy up front that will fit the inverter. Fewer panels more wattage less roof space, but I dont want to go over the inverter specs. And I love the Sunsynk, that was a great buy.
  3. LOL, Hope it has not scared you off!!!. You know how exciting it was when you get your Sunsynk working??? You watch the panel and it shows you the usage from the solar panels, the battery , from the grid, Its so neat. You see the CT between grid and your house, and it shows you 40w grid usage. (I set mine to no export back to grid 40w) I mean its drawing a LED (40W) from the grid. The whole house is supplied from the Sunsynk, WOW how amazing is that. Then you really appreciate what a awesome inverter and battery you have. Keep well, Feel free to ask, these people are good people.
  4. The battery settings on the Sunsync are really really great. I tell our sunsynk, my battery usage, Use for load only, or use load and non essential, but dont use more than 50 percent at say 21:00, ohh and when you do, dont use more than 3000w , why? Well I only installed a 125A fuse when I should have a 160A or 200A (Again not knowing better) and 3000w maximum at night only , it is well well within that A. The Sunsync has many settings that help you control the battery usage. I dont understand them all yet, but you can certainly use a smaller battery and control the use of the battery in a controlled manner, that no battery company should not honour the warrentee. If they document properly , and say, dont DOD less that 50 percent or dont draw more power than 80A but Ideal is 75A or charge slower than 75A,again, If they document properly, all these setting are possible. Why I did not buy Pylontech!!, they dont have a good warrentee reputation. Although I have learned since then, its also who supplied it. I could not find out who actually is the official agent. Thats very private.
  5. Hi, I have just been down the path you are. I bought the Sunsynk 8kw ( Overkill) but there was a plan to run it on the day sunshine only on solar panals for some months. Then I learn that in fact, a battery is absolutely needed. Stretching funds you dont have was not nice. Also what battery do you get that will last and be a good purchase, considering the future, warren-tee and expansion, it boiled down to three, BLS , Pylontech and Hubble. I eventually borrowed money and got the BLS as at the time it was a fantastic deal. Once installed you have a few issues. Good battery but how is the support, how is the documention on the use. For instance must I get a 35 mm Cable or a 50mm cable. Must I get a 125a Fuse or bigger. If you dont get these answers a very good battery is not a good buy. Also when we got the battery it was dropped of and run. They were sending someone else to install at a charge out rate of who know what. So be careful what you buy for the long run. The support and warrantee are critical. As it the documentation. Once I learned and wanted to "hook" them up I did not have a BMS cable (Battery Management Cable). Calling support took hours as we are capable of making this cable but what is the pin layout. They did not answer. In the end the Sunsynk comes with the BMS cable but then does it work with the Battery???? If not your battery gets overcharged - Underchanged etc etc. In the end, Sunsynk is a Brilliant buy. Lots and lots of time on Youtube By Kieth the CEO explaning things. Its also a copy of SolArc, And the best is this forum has absolute experts. Do the same for the battery. Use what the well known where you can get support. Dont buy a battery that you will regret, NO BMS, No one that will tell you are you allowed to install it horizontally etc.
  6. The company I bought from rushed in. Dropped off the bartteries and rushed off. Now thats not BLSB fault. But let me say. In the box is two battery cables one comms cable and certainly no instructions. On the web site is no install document. Phoning you guys was heartbreaking that I could not get a answer, I then called a 2nd person from your company, ( I wont mention names on the forum) who also did not answer or respond to a whatsapp message or answer the call, I then tried a sms. What does call back later mean? When is "later??". So yes, I would give you a 2 out of 10 for support. Could I have the installation document?? That would be really helpful if in there I had the information.
  7. Hi, You dont say what inverter and what battery. Your LG is still and AC device, the inverter will not know what the drum is doing. This is what I find on the LG13kg Power Consumption Speed RPM (S)* 700 RPM(±50) Rating Real: 220V~, 50Hz Mark: 220V~, 50Hz Soak Yes. Hot Wash Yes Cold Wash Yes. Dimension (W*D*H) 590*606*960 Dimension with packing (W*D*H) 630x677x1035. Net Weight(kg) 39.65kg Weight with packing(kg) 44.86kg. Stuffing : 40 ft (H) 114. How many watts does an LG washing machine use? 1700 Watts The LG Front load fully automatic washing machine consumes 1700 Watts of power. Your 5kw is more than capable to run this machine. But to be safe , just watch on the inverter what is the power usage, Make sure now other appliances are also on and then run the washing machine while checking the power usage on the inverter. Also is this during the day or at night?
  8. Hey Mornek, Good luck trying to get a answer from BLSB. They took four and a half hours to answer, "Can I install the two BLSB upright", yes or no, Just now they say the warrentee is not valid you installed horizontal. All I got was please call back later when I called and they did not answer. Did not respond to any further sms, whats app, phone calls. Email. Just ignored me. All I want was , yes , no. Utter poor response. That said, Let me help you as you dont want to go through the total regret I have that a company can give such poor service on such a costly items. I have two 6.4. The dip switch on the 1st one is up namely one, and the 2nd the 1st is now down but the 2nd is up, namely two. You also need the RJ45 cable between the two at the last connection to the right. RS485
  9. Sunsynk, What a awesome inverter. We setup a test bed, as Kieth often talks about and shows on this videos. We then added things like Kettles and Heaters but staying around the total 6000 watts range. The inverter did not even blink. And the BLSB battery did not either.I am running extension cable to all the house appliance one at a time and the inverter is telling me the power usage. Thats great to know that the air fryer is xxxx volts and xx amps. So impressed. Just sharing the excitement...........
  10. @Vassenincrease from 29 degrees to 43 degrees >>>> Interesting, My PV system performed slightly better. From around 26 at 8 am after everyone that leaves home early had a shower to 45 degrees when I looked at around 4pm as the next "load" of showers happens before 7pm . Advantages of PV. No worries on any pipes external, No worries on outside components damage of EV or Flat Plate or leaks causing water wastage (the anti freeze stuff), no circulating pump. No complex install of on the roof to geyser or modify your plumbing to fit the EV system bla bla bla ,,, Disadvantage. EV get much hotter in summer and I have heard slightly more efficient in bringing up the temperature (If you want it to). I never go higher than 55C. Have replaced too many geysers in my lifetime to add to them breaking quicker. High High Tempreture like the 70 > 80 > XXX cannot be a good thing. Its not just they break and its replace (This is a pull out of roof could be anywhere. High high up on those complex and double story), there is always other damage. I look after mine. Change the anode regularly (R120) when I last bought and 10 minutes to do. Lower Temp, change anode > 10 years on a geyser. I would have loved to plan for gas to be totally off eskom for hot water. I’ve run an extension from my house to his to power his essentials >>>> , Can I be family? I help my neighbors with borehole water (100m deep is really good pure water) if they need Most have pools and use that water.
  11. Hi, I have two Geyserwise PV system. Its a kit that consists of solar panals, a controller that supplies direct current from the PV to the element in the geyser and heats the water. I have a 200l and 150l geyser. They work very well in the sun, as do the systems that use the evacuation tubes (the common other well known method), but if after 5pm you use the hot water, the sun is gone, and you need to re-heat it somehow, or or wait for the sun again. I saw yesterday someone had two in parallel, Once the first was cold he used the 2nd to supply the 1st. So in my view, how to do supply energy at night or when the water is cold, lets say due to rain like today? My thoughts, if you dont use Eskom, then gas. Or just go gas in the first place because all the other systems need some form of electricity. Using a inverter would mean using your batteries at night to heat the water again, thats not cost effective.
  12. Series , adds all the Watts , parallel adds all the amps and keeps the watts the same (namely volts) a better picture. Searched google for solar parallel and solar series for these picture, Better explanation of Parallel
  13. this is series This is parallel , not so long ago I was new ....
  14. Hey, I was referred to a installer (At last) from the solar shop, He was here late yesterday. He advised two BLSB as well. Have a family meeting tonight and then will call my couzins uncle sisters aunts and she has distance family to ask Cyril (some president or other) for a loan. So its seems its two (2) two (2) two 6.5 whatevers . He also had a look at the DB , need some small changes and those earth leakage trip on the Load Side. So all good. Thanks man
  15. Hey Leshen, what battery cabinet are you using on those BLS in your picture? Thank you
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