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  1. Hi all, I am new on the forum. I have been reading many of the posts on the forum and found them very informative. I want to put together a basic backup power system. Have looked at an option with a 3kw Growatt 48v inverter combined with a Shoto 2.4kwh lithium battery, or to keep it simple and perhaps something I can re-use later when I eventually go the full solar route, a Mecer Hybrid 1200 W inverter combined with a Mecer 12V lithium battery. The latter, although 12V, could be used in the caravan later when I eventually upgrade to a full solar system. I don't plan to add any solar panels, but may do so if I moved the Mecer inverter to the caravan later on. Ultimately 2kwh of power will be more than sufficient for what I need to cover during loadshedding, unless things get worse than they are now. Looking for some advice please. I saw some comments of people battling with coms on the Growatt inverters. I am also no sure about the battery choice. The Mecer battery won't last as long as the Shoto but it is far cheaper and better than using a conventional deep cycle battery. Any suggestions with putting together and entry level system? Many thanks
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