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  1. Hi, have decided to keep the batteries and they are no longer for sale. Thanks to everyone that showed interest. Regards
  2. Hi Achmat, it seems that can only be done when using RS485 and not the CAN-Bus interface I'm using for the Victron. I need to research the difference between the 2 to determine if the RS485 interface is suitable for my installation. Thanks for pointing me in this direction though. Regards
  3. Hi CM21/Giggsie, I rarely took the SOC below 30% and never below 20%. My inverter is set to switch off when SOC 19%. Price would be R10 000 per individual battery and subject that I will have orders for all 4. It is my intention to sell all 4 as I require both the cash and the space for a potential upgrade. Regards
  4. Hi Hoohloc/Tim003, would be happy to consider that. I'll hang on then till Sunday and see if anyone else would like a battery. Regards
  5. Hi Tim, I dont want to sell individually as I'm fighting the "8 batteries in a stack limit". Having leftover US2000 will force my hand to purchase the Pylontech LV Hub which I dont want to do at this time. Regards
  6. Hi FixAMess, thanks so much. Will go get the software right away. Appreciate it. Regards
  7. Hi, am selling the batteries as I plan to upgrade my system. I want to replace the US2000 with US5000 batteries to get past the "8 batteries in a stack" limit that the US2000 impose on you. I'm based in Farmall Gauteng which is close to Chartwell / Kya Sands. I dont have a "remaining capacity" / "State of health" for each battery as I only used it as a group previously. The state of health for the group before I added additional batteries in April 2021 was 95%. Its possibly gone down by a percentage point of so in the meantime. I am trying to get hold of the BatteryView software and the appropriate cable which will then give me the correct stats per battery, but its proving difficult to get the software. Regards
  8. For Sale 4 x US2000 2.4KWh Pylontech batteries Purchased June 2018, making them around 3y old Comes with a battery case They are 48V, 200Ah for a total of 9.6KWh Price R40 000
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