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  1. Thank you for the response, so setup as is...change setting 2 to 30A and 29 to 48.0V. Any other suggestion as to setting changes? Setting 2: Max charger current = (UTILITY + SOLAR) as per manual. I think that is why the installer set to 80A - default is 60A. With the current settings will Utility charge the batteries and assist with load if solar not enough? We currently in winter so solar not very efficient and with the limited number of panels also not helping. I will be able to add an additional 3 panels at the end of the year and the combiner as suggested.
  2. Hi all, I’m new to the solar side of things and was previously using a Mecer Axpert 3Kva with 2x 200ah Oliter batteries. I had the opportunity to sell my current system and upgrade a bit. I’m on a very tight non-existent budget, but I want to do the right thing and will make a plan. I’ve upgraded to the equipment listed below and had a solar installer install my PV panels. The 3x panels are connected in series. He did tell me right from the start that I don’t have enough PV panels. He then changed the setup with the settings that he suggested, but I found that the batteries didn’t charge and felt that the batteries were used too much. (Sorry I might still be in the battery as a backup mentality). I also noticed that my batteries % according to Watchpower v1.14 (RS232 - LAN cable) showed that they were on 47% at 51.90V with a 247W load. I’m worried because the % goes below 50%... My average load during the day is about 250w - 600w max and my intention with the solar side was to hopefully be on solar during the day (saving a bit on Eskom) and then on utility during the evening. Question 1: What would the suggested settings be with the equipment I have and way of use? Question 2: Should I purchase 3 more panels and then how would they all be connected? Will it help or do I need even more? Question 3: Is it ok to use the batteries and does this not significantly reduce the lifetime of the batteries? Question 4: If a battery discharges a bit and then charges again is it then seen as a charge cycle? I have raised these questions to the solar installer and he just said that his settings are correct and should stop worrying about what I see on the display panel and software. Solar installers settings: 01: SBU, 02: 80A, 05: USE, 06: LTD , 07: TTD, 09: 50hz, 10: AUT, 11: 30A, 12: 49.0V, 13: 51.0V, 16: SLB/UCB, 18: BOF, 19: TEP, 20: LON, 22: AOF, 23: BYE, 25: FEN, 26: 57.2V, 27: 54.0V, 28: SIG, 29: 47.0V Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. New Equipment: Inverter - As per solar installers suggestion Kodak King 5Kva Off Grid 48V Model: OG-Plus 5.48 Specifications: Rated Power 5000VA/5000W Efficiency (Peak) 93% Line mode, 90% Battery mode Solar Charger type MPPT Maximum PC Array Power 4000W MPP Range @ Operating Voltage 60 VDC ~ 115 VDC Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 145 VDC Max. Solar Charge Current 80A Max. AC Charge Current 60A Max. Charge Current 140A Battery 4x Oliter 200ah Gel Model: 12V200AH Specifications: Float charge 13.5V - 13.7V Average charge 14.1V - 14.4V PV Panels 3x AE Solar panels Model: AE330HM6-60 Specifications: Nominal Max. Power Pmax (Wp) 330 Maximum power voltage Vmp (V) 33.81 Maximum power current Imp (A) 9.76 Open-circuit voltage Voc (V) 41.31 Short-circuit current Isc (A) 10.37 Module efficiency (%) 19.90 Power tolerance Pmax (Wp) 0 / + 5 Maximum system voltage DC (V) 1000 Maximum series fuse rating (A) 15
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