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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I am not connecting to grid. Will the settings stay the same.
  2. Hi All, Why would the inverter disconnect from PV when the battery is full. I want to use sun power during the day, and only battery during the night. Is it the BMS from the Pylontech doing this. Thanks
  3. Sorted Thanks. But why does the PV disconnect when battery is full. I want to use Panels during the day, as first priority. What I see is household will use battery to around 50v and then only switch on Pv again to charge to 53v.
  4. Hi All. Installed new growatt and 1 x Pylontech 3000. When following the instructions mine is still flashing 04 and 20. The Li does come on. Other setting also display percentage. Do I need the firmware upgrade. If so could someone please email me. [email protected] Thanks All. Daniel
  5. Hi All, I have noticed that the Growatt Invert settings and Layout are the same as the Axpert inverter. As for the Premature float in the Axpert and with Firmware to be upgraded, does the same apply to the Growatt or has this been sorted. The reason that I am asking is that my port does not work on my axpert so upgrading firmware is out. So I have to buy a new Inverter and looking at the Growatt. Feedback will be appreciated Daniel
  6. HI all, I am looking at buying a new inverter. Gatvol for the axpert, float bugs, usb port not working so cant upgrade firmware, etc etc. Is there any recommendation as what to go next without all these problems? Got the Axpert 5kva at the moment with 12 x 250W Panels. Need to run my 2 x Fridges,Kettle now and then, Iron now and then, and some light stuff. Lights are on there own system 12V. All else is gas. Regards Daniel
  7. Yes sorry 73.00e. I have serial cables. What do you mean by "Already using ICC or Similar"
  8. Hi All, Any advise before I do the firmware upgrade to 73.00. Don't want to stuff this up. Thanks Daniel
  9. Do you still have this available
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