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  1. Your options : 1. Without Batteries : Solis or Kodac 3.6 kW grid tie inverter - you will get them for under R10 000. - you will get 20 - 25 units per day with your panels . 2. With Batteries - get the Axpert King 5kW - probably in the R12 - 14 000 range - will give you the option to sun when the grid is off . or 3kw Axpert 24 V - probably arround R7000 - also only needs 24 V batteries - so 2 x 100Ah lead acid or a 24V LiION such as the Pylonteck or BlueNova Mini . 3. 5k Sunsynk - about R18 000 - R20 000 : Hybrid - you can run offgrid and also feedback - best of both worl
  2. Blue Nova has currently good prices on their HC range - the 125 6.5 HC can handle a 125A continuous load that is better than the Pylonteck 2.6kW and probably for very little more than your cost of your 2 Pylontecks - It also can work with the CAN BUS of your Sunsynk . Maybe have a look at that as an single package option - it also comes integrated with a battery fuse . BN52V-125-6.5k-HC.pdf
  3. You will probably benefit from adding the Centurion Solar Rasberry Pi monitoring to your setup - it allows for the Pylontech to talk to the Axpert inverters . Also make sure that when you are running off grid without solar that your load dont exceed the 1.3kW rating of the Pylontech US2000.
  4. Busy with my second installation of a SunSynk inverter . The first was a 5 k unit with a BlueNova 54 125A 6.5 HC Battery. The second is a 8k with the same battery plus 14 x 455 JA Solar panels .The reason for this is the need for a CAN based install that can work with the BlueNova and then the current price for the 5k is surely a cat amongst the Axpert pigeons . The user manual though is very sparse on info - what I have learned: 1.The first installation was one without any panels - just as a UPS for now . The manual is quite confusing - from the recommendation that this could be used
  5. Just put the 3 panels in parallel. The panel has a Vmpp of 42V and Voc of about 50V . Your 100/50 can handle 1400 W max and can handle 100V MAX and require 5 V above Battery voltage to start the mppt - so that should be about 29-30V . The panels will operate well. Your amp limit is 50A and the three panels will operate at about 33A max . So you are ok . The two panels in series are vary close to the max limit if open circuit and on cold days you would probably exceed it . With the three panels in parallel you also have 1200w available that is within the spec of the MPPT . Y
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