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  1. Good day @isetech, I am no expert and my system is not up yet, but there are many very knowledgeable members on the forum and you should read as many of the different subjects as possible and you will find quite a bit of information to help. However since I did the homework before making my selection I suggest you follow these steps: 1. It is important to understand that improving your setup by just changing the inverter, which already costs you a bit, or adding panels or batteries is not the right way to go about it. Whatever you change or add you must consider the system as a whole in terms of what you want to achieve, and within your budget. Most important do you want to be off-grid, fully or with grid support for charging the batteries on cloudy days. 2. What is your average daily/monthly usage both mid winter and mid summer, if you are on prepaid power this is easy to record. 3. Record also your day versus night usage, and it better if you can coordinate what time the sun catches the panels until it loses sunlight. 4. What do you want to run at night, you should do all the heavy load usage in daytime, if possible. 5. What geyser do you have. 6. What are the specs of the equipment you now. 7. Once you have this together put all it out on the forum and speak to Steve at the Powerform Store. I am sure Steve can be of great assistance, both supplying compnents at good prices and recommending a relaible installer.
  2. Hi @skillie, I have just gone for the Solis 6KW Hybrid inverter for my specific purpose, but this inverter cannot be used in parallel. Read through various discussions on the forum, you should really consider the Sunsynk hybrid inverters, they can be used in parallel if you want to expand later. It is very evident that Sunsynk probably has the best support of any make/brand and there are tons of information by some very experienced users on this forum. You should also look up a thread started by by @strepies which is quite informative on staging your installation. You can also speak to Steve at the Powerforum Store, he is very helpful. I bought all my components from them, Solis 6Kw hybrid inverter, 2x Hubble 5.5kWh batteries, 15x 535W JA Solar panels, But I will not be expanding further, this setup will fulfil all our needs.
  3. Hi Tariq, Just for info I am changing my setup and getting 4 more 535W panels placing 8 on the North face on MPPT 1 and 6 on the West on MPPT 2. Assimilating all the info on the forum I believe this configuration will serve me best, particularly since we quite often have mist in the morning that only burns off by midday. Regards, André
  4. Hi, it is the Solis Energy Storage 6kW Hybrid 5G Inverter with DC switch, bought from Powerforum Store at R20,638.20, I also bought the wifi stick. Please note that this inverter cannot be used in parallel, but I specifically chose this model for the following features; max PV input 8kw, 2xMPPTs 2 strings each, max voltage input 600V, and it is fanless. The inverter will be in a small room under the staircase next to a bedroom, therefore we want it be quiet. If you want to one use a second inverter or more and it is placed in location where fan noise does not matter, I would highly recommend the Synsynk, it appears to have excellent support. I have 2x Hubble 5.5kWh batteries for backup and though the night. Our daily usage is 12-15kWh max., in winter, but that is for 2 people. When we have visitors in summer it rises to 17-21 max. The most important is to decide do you want to achieve with you system, I do recommend that you speak to Steve at the Powerforum Store, he is extremely helpful.
  5. I am currently waiting for the balance of my components to arrive, Solis 6kw hybrid inverter coupled with 10x 535w JA Solar panels: The solis key specs are as follows: Max PV input 8000W, 2 MPPT with 2 strings each, max input voltage 600V. I can only place 10 panels on the north facing roof area (17 degrees NE) therefore the choice of 10 panels x 535W to get max. I have 2 questions, 1 pertaining to my imminent installation and second possible future increase in panels. 1) I can link the panels all in series, or from what I understand it would be better to link in 2 strings split beween both the MPPTs, as the MPPT would operate more efficiently? Is this assumption correct. 2) For future, if needed, I may consider installing 4 panels on the west roof facade to catch the afternoon sun as I would still get a good 4-6 hours of sun on this facade. In this case I would direct the north facing panels through 1 MPPT and the other 4 panels through the 2nd MPPT. The voltages would be not be equal on the 2 MPPTs though, would this be a problem or must the voltages be equal. 2) A third possibility would be to install 5 panels on the north and 5 on the west now, and later increase to north and west. Could someone shed a technical opinion which is my best option for now, particularly since the 4 additional panels may never happen. Thank you i advance
  6. I am new to this subject, but what does SOC and SOH stand for?
  7. I just made the final decision to go with the Solis 6kw inverter with 10x535W panels and 2xhubble 5.5kw batteries. Will update on performance once installed
  8. I am particularly after it being fanless since the inverter will be inside, but are there any users out there that have had any major issues with the Solis.
  9. Has anybody had any experience with this inverter, it reviews quite excellent reviews overseas
  10. Is there any feedback on this inverter, eg. performance versus the Sunsynk 5KW inverter. What is support like and what are the quirks
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