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  1. Gday / hi In Australia there are rumours that the power companies are proposing to CHARGE solar providers (home owners) feedin per kwh. We currently are paid anywhere between 4 to 16 cent per kwh, depending on where you live in oz. In australia rumours eventually become fact.... we don't argue or fight enough against stupid laws...... you know.......she'll be right. Here is what im doing, I have very limited wall space in my garage...I have a grid tied inverter system, and happy to to disconect. I now have a 38 19in rack with 2 pylontech 2000 modules so far. NOW what inverter, ive been looking at the Growatt spf 5000 es, ive looked on youtube and seen no bad comments. Any reviews,help or alternatives will be welcome. PS fyi my grid tied system is a 3.5kw, peak usage is 8kw yep a big difference
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