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  1. Sidewinder

    Infinisolar V 5kW Parallel Installation

    Hi @Nadeem Ahmed, In 2 years of using Axpert/InfiniSolar, I have not used Solarpower app. I use the ICC app, and even though it is logged somewhere, the PV parameters from the non PV connected Infini is not graphable, but from the Infini Cluster Info page, I've been monitoring. The sun has set, so inv1 is still showing some Volts, and Inv2 0 on both mppt's.
  2. Morning @Leonc, One thing I have noticed on the Axpert's 5kVA units, they don't like being loaded "light" on the PV side. You have 2 x 3 x 330W = 1980W. I've done this experiment on the InfiniSolar V 5kW, which has the same PV portion as the Axpert. You can read the whole story here The short story is that i my opinion, the Axpert's likes being over supplied with PV. I run 3600W per MPPT, which means they effectively get just over 3000W in practice each, right on the money. And symptoms like yours have become less of a nuisance. Even on broken cloudy days, my system does not "loose" the PV , like when I was running 4 x 1800 PV setup. Probably just some software tweak that is required to fix, but the Voltronics guys are notorious for not bringing out regular updates to all their range of Inverters, never mind the Axpert 5kVA one, which is well supported/fixed s/w wise by @Coulomb.
  3. Sidewinder

    icc shows zero volt on grid???

    That's why I log into the pi, make a backup of the previous version, then press the "point of no return" UPGRADE button. When there are funnies like this, I can rollback. Edit...and don't go for S/W with a version 0 at the end, perhaps.
  4. Sidewinder

    For Sale : 3kw Solar System

    @Nitrious I have the same setup as your new house, yet I have single phase inverter to feed the house. I have yet to hear of a house that has 3 phase equipment. Even if your has circuits have been split between the 3 phases, all you need to do is to rewire the essential one on the Inverter phase, and the other stuff, e.g. geysers on a direct phase, with stove etc even on yet another phase. My 3 phase borehole runs with 2 phase direct, and one phase via inverter, it simply doesn't care. I would transfer the system, or sell it with old house, as it add good value to a property. For the new house I would spec the same (if your peak consumption was ok for the 3kW+), for batteries I would spec something better, e.g. pylontech or blue nova. Lastly add ICC for management, as these topics have been discussed many times here on the forum. Hope this helps!
  5. In one or two occations over the years I had something simular. bmv shows data, but nothing ( or just static info...not updating) from the Infini's. I just pull out the USB cable from the Infini and wala....all good again. Rebooting pi doesn't solve, as inverter output stream gets it knickers in a knot.
  6. Sidewinder

    Extra solar panels Axpert

    Not related...but maybe further than splitting (should have been spitting) distance. Btw, my system was 3600W on the axpert, but am now on 7200W on 2 x Infinis V's. So have a 5kVA Axpert waiting to be used! Just keeping it in case i end up with a real off the beaten track offgrid opportunity.
  7. Sidewinder

    midpoint panic

    However. this chaps command of ze eenglish spache still remains as (one) of my favourites!!
  8. Sidewinder

    Help on System

    @Ronnie_V, If the Synerji = 100% clone of Axpert (if there is such a thing), then you will do well to download and apply @Chris Hobson's Axpert Settings Guide in the download section. I have read that the clones do have a tendency to generate a "this is a clone" alarm when updating the software, which makes it not usable for @Coulomb's bug fix software. Using the BMV is a good start, but the Axpert/Clone are notorious for weak SOC calc's, and that is what you are relying on to manage the system. Most of the well behaved Axpert/Infini installation run on ICC control software. Maybe a bit geeky to get going, but help is always available from Manie or this forum.
  9. Sidewinder

    Infinisolar not reading PylonTech SOC

    @SilverNodashi The Infini has no way of integrating the SoC or any other "data" from the Pylon. My first pass advise would be, in order to "integrate" the two, you need to use the ICC software. AFAIK, the latest version now "talks" to the Pylon's, and that would make a nifty combo.
  10. Sidewinder

    Longer comms cable for Inifinisolar parallel installation?

    @SilverNodashi, I think you can make up your own cable, using standard VGA connectors, as they have the same 5 x 3 rows setup. Just check the back of your (older)PC/Laptop. Just trace the pin-outs with a multi meter, and hopefully the extra distance in cabling won't "loose" anything. Let us know if this works.
  11. I agree with previous posters regarding want's & need's. I suppose (for me in any case) that it depends on the situation. Not all solar installation are equal. Each have their own +'s & -'s. In my are, due to very old infrastructure, and poor maintenance, we suffer from numerous outages, hence my system does cater for this, albeit not with enough capacity to last me the night, should I want to have a nice hot shower in the morning! For e.g. if your suffer from an unreliable grid that goof's you off, then a system to negated that i.e. +batteries is a requirement. If budget is a factor - meaning you like to have a fairly large reserve capacity, but like to start small, then focus on getting Lithium type batteries, as they can be expanded at any time, without killing the new ones. The rest, e.g. capacity, etc. is all down to what you can afford. Within your "NEEDS" real. Not your wants,....'cos that will slurp up a lot of dough very quickly.! I would prioritise it as follows: 1) Invertor - Get the correct size/features etc for your needs. 2) Solar Panels - Here you can start snall and add as and when 3) Batteries - Start small with Lithium & add when needed And don't forget/neglect safety items, (fuses/isolators), as well as reporting features. You must know what your system is doing at a drop of a hat, else things like batteries can fail prematurely.
  12. Sidewinder

    Infinisolar V 5kW Parallel Installation

    Over Easter weekend, I proceeded to re-do the wiring back to what I had on a single V. This was due to the fact that for some reason, even with 2 string of 3 x 300W panels, it would not generate more that 1000W (per string) @ midday with 57.7V on the array. Now we all know the Infini V, just like the Axpert, likes about 65V to "wake up" in the morning. So I went from 4 x 1800W string on 4 x MPPT controllers to 2 x 3600W strings on 2 x MPPT controllers. My second V is still in play, but with no PV, thus it is only giving me the ability to push a continuous 10kW. Immediately, the voltages went up to around 90-100V and my PV production is back to 6200W, with peaks of 7000W. So from my point of view, it seems the Infini V does like to run near the PV limits, as spreading the load of 2 MPPt's over 4 of them will not yield better results!
  13. Sidewinder

    PHORAM is coming...

    @Cef, Pity my Spanish is bad as in non existing , Looking forward to he English version. Also interested to see if proper parallel Infinisolar support. I like stats!!
  14. Sidewinder

    erratic icc readings etc axpert5kv

    @gabriel, Glad you found the obvious error. But for those who one day do have erratic values, which I also have in the past, it can be a multitude of items/possible cures. Most of mine went away when either - - fiddling with the settings e.g. type of inverter and number of inverters. When I swopped from Axpert to Infini, got some strange values as well, and a infini V parallel with 1 count did it for me. - restart ICC, either by clicking on the x of the app, or type reboot in the command window. - pull out and re-seat the USP interface on the inverter. If you have null or erratic values, I'm sure that it's just because Manie has coded the particular inverter's data out of alignment, as he may or may not have had access to actually test each and every scenario he is catering for. Hope this help someone out there someday.
  15. Sidewinder

    VE direct usb 2 PI 4 ICC

    Pity the Pi Zero is only 40% more powerful than the Pi1 (same CPU Chip, just upped the clock from 700 Mhz to 1 Ghz), else it would have been a nice low cost option for ICC users. The lack of Ethernet/Wifi is addressable with a Ethernet to USB dongle, but alas, I think it will also run out of steam. For interest sake, here is the comparison table of all the different Pies (Pi's) <iframe width="100%" height="520" src="http://socialcompare.com/en/w/raspberrypi-models-comparison#" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe>