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  1. He said on Wednesday He will shut off the solar and see what the turbine can do! Excited to see. I love Turbines.
  2. Ah Just got word that the batteries are full up now :> So turbine has braked itself. hehe AAAW. He needs to grid tie it man!
  3. http://profiles.pika-energy.com/users/144/dashboard Its a 1.7kW machine. Pictures attached. Supplied by Pegasus-systems.co.za Hope to see 12kW tonight at 12pm, Take a look at that live view from the controller! Use the link. above. Leaves
  4. I have wondered if painting your homes roof white will reflect some heat?
  5. All is well with me!

  6. Thanks Gustavo. Awesome info.
  7. Thanks wetkit. What an awesome post. Are the water radiators in the house effective as a space heater? L
  8. Hi Guys Whag is the best way to use solar for space heating? It seams like heating water with flat panels and using a heat exchanger to circulate the warm air into your living space? Thanks L
  9. Got this is a mail today. Wondering why they so cheep!? Very tempting. What you guys think? L
  10. http://cdn.solar.schneider-electric.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/conext_rl_brochure.pdf
  11. Great. Seams like the infiniti 3kW is the one to have! I see one in the classifeds. Wonder if any one would like to part with a well kept second hand unit.
  12. Dont want to say too much, But I hear mc have a good amount of failures on their inverters?
  13. Would like to aim for 2kW. Sounds like the microcare?
  14. Thank you. Any suggestions on a good GTI with limiter? Battery backup not needed. L
  15. Hi Guys Can the axpert stop back feed into grid? Very much looking for a GTI. Thank you. L
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