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  1. Hi Shannen, i don't come on this site that often anymore. i will give you a call tomorrow when i am free......i can try assist you. have not worked with Imeon now for a very long time.. mike
  2. Mike

    DJ pretorius

    Option 14 should be set to CUt
  3. i openly mark up on my"dealer price" as a registered the lies herein, you study, pay your dues, use large distributors, and then suck it up folks.....those fackin distributors sell at the same price to tom dick and harry over the phone....ther is no special price for installers, we or i pay the same as a home user even tho i spend more than r1m to R2m between two distributors......and then i charge for installations. Even worse, most of the "customers" don't even want to pay a deposit and still expect a lower price.....I don't advertise, word of mouth only and here is to year 19.........if y
  4. perhaps i a wrong here..however.... you walk into a shop, pay for something and leave with it all good, you want to buy something from an installer expect him to pay for it, deliver it , install it then hope he gets paid? just because you have to wait for the installation to take place does not mean you must not pay for your goods its no different from walking into a shop, just withhold the install component and have the goods delivered. You hold on to them till install. just my thoughts... you dont think installers are also caught out by unscrupulous home owners...been there friend, aft
  5. sirrius supercap charges up like a vacuum cleaner sucking from 0 to full charge on the 7.1kwh in 45min
  6. i cannot sell on this forum, as i am not a commercial advertiser, but an indication in Cape town around R30k mark for 4.8kwh
  7. Hubble Lithium Brochure V2.1.pdf
  8. i suppose it depends from company to company. I ask my clients to cover the cost of their material purchase and have it delivered immediately, and book an install date with them, once installed and switched on, balance of payment please.....i feel it protects both parties, and has worked for me for 19 years....
  9. Goodwe in China, as i was working directly with them wrt to what you guys are trying and i was the initial importer into SA of Goodwe about 7 years back the blue then yellow now cream....
  10. i had to sign an NDA.......in the software you can change from the sens ip addy to a local one to get the data, but you loose the portal then... only direction i can offer
  11. being one of the only ones still on, and me thinks that makes me a target, so have helped a few neighbors out, so there are more of us off grid.....
  12. when i went off grid after returning to grid 14mw a year, i had the surprise of virtually the whole management and legal from the muni connected to my meter box running whatever tests, and i was told i am stealing power.......now i don't even pay an availablity fee, dont buy any prepaid and so on for over a year i have been totally offgrid... i am happy, munu not so much
  13. Mike

    Dyness powerbox

    Yes, with the 8.0H units above
  14. Mike

    Dyness powerbox

    Dan will give you a call, I see Tony has sent your contact detail to him
  15. Happy birthday young man, hope you have an awesome year...
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