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  1. I know that the Axpert and Infini inverters use a non-standard pinout for the RS-232 port, so I assume that their RS-485 ports are also non-standard. So the pinouts in the diagram you posted is very likely not correct for Victron gear. Sorry, I don't know what the correct pinout is, but it should be readily found. Or just get the cable from a Victron supplier.
  2. Coulomb

    Axpert problem

    It may be that one of the battery modules is out of balance with the other. Check the voltage of each 12V module to see if they have a nearly identical voltage, within about 0.1V. If not, charge the lower voltage module with a car battery charger, until the voltage (after resting at least a few minutes, preferably half an hour) is about the same.
  3. There is no automatic connection between them possible. The 24V models don't have the computer horsepower required to do this. You can still use the 24V Pylontech, just that the battery's BMS won't automatically control the charging. So just treat it as an ordinary battery. It will be 8S LFP, so you should use settings with 8/15th of the voltage for 48 V Pylontechs. For example, bulk/absorb setting should be about 8/15*52.5 = 28.0V. When the result isn't exactly a value you can set on the inverter, use the nearest value. For example, the float voltage should be 8/15*51.8 = 27.63V, just us
  4. There are just 8-10 small screws; you might need a stubby (short handled) screwdriver or perhaps a Z-shaped one to get to some of them, depending on how it's mounted and what gear is near it. The date sticker will be broken already from the capacitor replacement.
  5. I'm sure it will. I've taken the liberty of linking to it from my If You Think your Inverter Has Been Bricked post.
  6. That will drain the battery quick smart. I assume you meant 750W, or 0.75kW. The SOC indicator on Axperts is very crude, depending only on the battery voltage. It counts each 0.1V of battery voltage as 1% of capacity, which is not realistic. So treat it as very approximate. Use a Victron BMV or similar for much more accurate SOC measurement.
  7. There isn't room for a spare copy of the firmware. By the nature of flash memory, before you start writing the new firmware, you have to erase the old firmware.
  8. I doubt it. If anything, better quality capacitors should improve the situation. That's of course if they used quality capacitors. Can you open the case and get a photo of those caps? They're about 20 x 45 mm or so (not the two really big bus capacitors). Nothing else comes to mind. Perhaps try to find the source of the sound: heatsink, inductor, ?
  9. Don't panic. I assume it was the main DSP firmware that you were updating; I don't know what happens to the display when the DSP is just running the bootstrap loader. In any case, follow the steps in this post: If you think your inverter is bricked.
  10. Yes, Output Source Priority (setting 01) variously called UTi or USb (Utility first).
  11. Yes, I believe so. An Axpert will have a distinctive bar-code sticker on the side, as @wolfandy mentioned, and a number of other give-aways. If you need more, see my Do I Own a Clone post. It's a continuing frustration to me that Voltronic Power don't identify all their machines as being made by them. It could be a small sticker with some anti-copying feature that says something like "Proudly Manufactured by Voltronic Power in China; see your reseller for after sales service".
  12. Sorry to get back to this so late. Those sounds remind me of packets of data. For example, like the sound you can hear in some audio gear when your mobile phone gets a call. Do you perhaps have a WiFi or Bluetooth data sender connected to the inverters? Of course, I can't think of a reason why they would be triggered only when the air conditioners are on. Unless the air conditioners are controlled by some digital packets? I assume that this doesn't correspond with someone in your family pressing buttons on their infra-red remote for their air conditioner. Maybe the in-ho
  13. That minimum time in line mode is 2 minutes when running fully patched firmware. 10 for factory firmware.
  14. First, I'd check that if you isolate the PV on the other two inverters, the one that doesn't charge much still doesn't charge much. If not, it's faulty. But I suspect it will charge normally when the others don't. If so, it's something to do with the others raising the battery voltage when charging. So that small difference in battery voltage calibration might still be the issue. I find it strange that the PV voltage starts low, and shoots up at a certain time in the morning. But that could just be how the high voltage SCC models work. I don't own one, and haven't found that part of
  15. Oh. Yes, definitely a factor. With sensible settings, the premature charge bug never shows with utility charging. So that can't be the problem. So you need to find out if you have an unexpected load, or if the battery isn't getting fully charged for some reason, or if your battery just has low capacity. One easy check is whether the battery modules have about the same voltage, especially at low state of charge, but also at high state of charge. It could be that one or two modules is low in charge, and charging them separately with a car battery charger might restore a lot of the missing p
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