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  1. You might not save to much going this way. Installers might get the equipment at a much lower rate due to dealer discounts Also for them to install equipment procured by yourself can also be problematic, should something go wrong it becomes a finger pointing exercise. Most of the decent installers wont even consider this option , they have enough work lined up to not even consider this. The money you think you will save by buying yourself will be used for the extra margin they installer will ask for the installation. They only way to try and save is to
  2. I received my quote to repair yesterday (and I call which I couldn't take) R1200. I can buy a brand new one for R1999, some places even advertising for R1800. Maybe on larger more expensive units its worth it to repair, but on the smaller cheaper units just chuck and replace.
  3. Not off to a good start. Inverter was dropped off on the 9th of January. They promised to email me a quote for repair ASAP. I waited one week with no feedback received from Caprical Solar. I phoned yesterday afternoon but they couldn't assist as the gentleman who booked in the inverter was not there. I called again today and was promised that will look at it today. Seems like are very busy and haven't even looked at the inverter as yet. I was now promised a quote before the end of today. Not holding my breath...
  4. Just for interest. I have an old mecer inverter with an issue, seeing that I stay around the corner from them I thought I'll give them a chance. The shop is located in a interesting part of town. Didn't instill much confidence. But I'm giving them a fair chance. The shop is filled to brim. Mainly Axpert and Victron inverters stacked ontop of each other. I dropped it off on Thursday. I'll keep everyone updated
  5. TO be fair I think Axpert installs far outnumbers Victron installs in RSA, so one would then also expect I higher number of failures. Also people only ever come to this forum for assistance after a failure, so we hardly ever hear from the people that are happy with their Axpert installs.
  6. The problem is most installers wount be interested in touching another man`s install, especially a faulty one.
  7. An Earth leakage trips if either the live conductor comes into contact with Earth OR if the Neutral conductor comes into contact with earth If the faulty timer somehow switches neutral to earth tripping all the circuit breakers in your DB will not resolve the issue. You will have to remove the neutral wires from the neutral bar one by one until you are able to reset the Earth Leakage device. But trip all the feeding CB`s first, a floating neutral from a live circuit can shock you.
  8. Hi Rozza I have bought plenty off Banggood I used to buy from Alixpress but the Baffalo express shipping from Banggood is really good.
  9. Ag no. That's not good. Hopefully they can sort this out. This place won't be the same without him.
  10. Hi guys I have been away for a few months. For some reason all post of TTT is shown as guest? I have searched high and low but couldn't find anything He used to be one of the best contributors here
  11. Hi jaco It's hard to help with the limited info The heading and the request in the post doesn't tie up. I assume you are working with 220VAC here
  12. I have a business associate who recently acquired Victron equipment. Its installed and looking all pretty at his house. But now he says he is having a problem getting any power from the Panels . Suspect a software setup issue that he is missing He is the CEO of a semi large electrical consulting firm. (Obviously not specialising in solar systems ) A good contact to have Anybody here like Plonkster who would be willing to give a call and see if you could possibly assist of the phone ? My usual contact is out of the country I would be forever g
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