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  1. Is it possible to get software conflict and not get the software version error, getting error 73 on one Mecer mks2 in a 3 parallel setup.
  2. Louis have had any positive feedback from Mustek with regards to error 03. Battling with the same issue inverter works well with utility charging but once you connect PV batty voltage goes up to 67vdc on no load or float charging. Stabilizes only on 50% load with pv.
  3. i eventually gave up on the matter, from the last conversation with the supplier there were going to issue a certificate of authentication for there product from voltronics that never materialised. The unit works well of grid setup with 4 x 265w panels & 8 x 100ah royals have not had an opportunity yet to run the full panel array size. Will probably open the machine and take some pictures.
  4. Thanks cris, I will send them an email and revert back, Attached photo
  5. Good day to you all and compliments of the new season. After waiting for three weeks i finally received my 5KV Axpert ? , my heart skipped a bit when i opened the box. I also had my doubts when i lifted the box in appearance the machine look like a 3KVA. The first thing i noticed on the inverter- no heat sink on top as compared to the Mercer/ RCT -secondondly the spec is as follows. highlighted is what i query compared to mercer. Inverter mode (Rated pwr-5000va/4000w AC output-48VDC/87A) ( Mecer/RCT 90A) AC Charger Mode (AC Input 230VAC 50Hz 36A DC Output 54VDC 10-60A AC Ou
  6. @PaulF007, R/V 30.3, OCV 37.7, R/C 8.59A, SCC 9.09A, MAX RES FUSE 15A, MAX SYS VOL 1000V
  7. Noted will get the spec this morning. Learned quite a lot in 3 days.
  8. Thank all for your contributions, am now going with the Axpert 5kva getting one for R8400 & 2 x pannels for about R4000. Will do a 50% gift in the mean time with the balance of batteries in the new year.
  9. So in summary 1. if going the 24v 3kva route the Multi is a better option but not upgradable in terms of power output. https://re-volt.co.za/Store/index.php?route=product/product&path=83_59&product_id=379 2. if going the 48v 5kva the axpert would be the most reasonable option cost wise and gradually build on the system, the bigger multi range does not have a built in MPPT hence the cost goes higher. Any reviews or recommendation on the following as compared to the Axpert- https://re-volt.co.za/Store/index.php?route=product/product&path=83_59&product_id=562
  10. I have shopping around on the web and came across the multi. Its looks small but have noticed from the various post it the better inverter. I have also worked with the Mercer 5kva but my budget is restricted at the moment.
  11. I have found my self with a small amount of extra cash and wanted to surprise the old lady with a small solar installation. The installation will cover Led tv decoder small audio sysytem, couple of Led Lights, 0.75kw pump maybe a (microwave or kettle not to be used simultaneously). Cooking and heating will be gas. My options are as follows 1. Axpert 3KVA 2400W 12V -R7800 2 X 100W -R2082 2 X 100ah batteries -R2936 with this setup i will have a complete setup up and running complete gift (to add more pannels in future & batteries within 3 months) 2. Axpert 5KVA 4000W 48V
  12. Does the new invertor and the 5kva renesola handle lithium batteries if thats the case any recomendations. A friend now needs to replace 12x 200ah battery bank.
  13. Sorted thanks a lot to manie quite helpful. Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
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