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  1. Hi Clinton Yes, it is still available. Unfortunately not negotiable. Not sure about the firmware version, but did upgrade it to a custom one where you could scroll with the up down arrows on the left and right side of the display without rolling over to the other side of display. Never had any issues with the inveter.
  2. I upgraded and want to sell my 4KW 5KVA Axpert RCT Inverter. Parallel board included. Price R7500. Buyer to collect or arrange for courier to pick up. I live in Centurion. All cables etc included. Welcome to contact me on 0826070167 or [email protected]
  3. At the end of the month I would have one years surplus power bought, going to keep that and only buy what I need per month to keep my one year buffer. One has to save where you can. Brought my electricity bill down from R1700/month in 2016 to R300/month end 2019.
  4. I'm already running just about 90% of the house from the solar. The 10% that is left not operating during day time (scullery).
  5. Thanks for the feedback Coulomb. Seems like the case unfortunately. Guess it could be fixed by the suppliers though... if they want to, just place a damper/ longer time to respond to low load changes etc...
  6. Hi Arandoza, thanks for the reply. No, power saving is not enabled. When the load is higher again it returns to normal behavior. Assumptions about the colors are correct. Battery voltage does not drop, and there is no difference in Amps to battery. Guess it has something to do with the MPPT not able to handle the low load and availability of all the PV.
  7. Good day all, please assist or advise. I have a Axpert 5KW mark II with a 3.2KW solar array. When the load is low (100 - 200W), the PV Watts jumps between 70 - 600W. Battery is fully charged of course. Is there something or some setting that I am missing to damp the response of the inverter?
  8. Hallo BMK and all the veterans. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is what caused my set of lead acids to go to battery heaven way to early. The back to discharge voltage is set to 54V. Thus the batteries would never be fully charged. As soon as you're batteries reach 54V, your system would return to battery power. Should this setting not be set to FULL (The inverter detects when no more current is drawn and stop charging the batteries)? It makes sense to me that the system return and still draws 2A's as the batteries are not fully charged. Please give your feedback regarding this matter.
  9. Good day all Please help me out here. Thought I did everything right... Have 2 x 5KVA Axpert II's connected in parallel with all required cables etc. All seemed fine when only one Inverter were on (Master) , slave still switched of but Inverter screen etc on. When I switched the second inverter on, seemed that there was a Neutral fault as my pc screen kept switching on and off. Stared fault finding by eliminating sources, PV, battery and mains, all on and off and in different sequences etc, no success. Eventually the loud expensive bang noise from the Master Inverter and a piece of semiconductor exiting the inverter... Please find attached my connection drawings and let me know am I missing something obvious. And a question: Should the AC Input and Output Neutrals be common-ed to solve my problem. As mentioned, all started when 2nd inverter output were activated. AC on site.pdf AC Main DB.pdf
  10. Had 3 x 305W's and added 3 x 330W's in January 2019 and decided to only add another 2, ended up with adding 5 x 350W's. 305W's are 4 years old and not 100% efficient anymore, thus I connected the panels in the following way: 3 x 305W's in series 2 x 330W's in series 1 x 330W & 350W in series 2 sets of 2 x 350W's in series and all in parallel. With 10% loss on 305W's my calculations work out that I only have a 8% loss on complete configuration as result of mixing and matching.
  11. Ridiq

    New solar installation

    Compiled a solar system for my father in law in Schweizer-Reneke. He's running most of the house from this system. Main requirements to have power during the day as result of inconsistent power supply during daytime and the battery power for short intervals at night. 10 x 350w Canadian Solar panels 1 x 5KW 5KVA RCT Inverter 1 x 2.4KW Pylontech battery ICC software running on Pi3b
  12. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, much appreciated.
  13. Good day I know that the hours daylight has an effect on the total power generated. The angle of the sun of course also has an effect on the peak power that can be generated. My solar panels are at a fixed angle of about 25°. According to my results and calculations the peak power in winter is about 33% less than in summer. Please comment on the above, if most of you also have the same result or not.
  14. Hi I had the same requirements and did the following 2 years ago. Installed a Solar geyser with Eskom as back up if more warm water is needed. (R13k) Installed a solar system consisting out of 3 x 300W Renesola Panels, 1 x 5KVa Axpert inverter and then 4 x 200A Vision batteries. Replaced all lights in the house with LED or power saver bulbs. (R40K). Except for the solar panel installation I did all the rest myself (Panels on a 2nd story roof with not a lot of movement space). All the lights and power to three rooms is handled by the system. The rest of my house is still on normal Eskom. Results: I brought down my consumption from 25 to 15kWh per day. I have a saving of R500/ month on my electricity bill. Biggest saving is done on the geyser. Over the last two years, my geyser has only been on for 25% of the time when warm water was required, rest of the time the sun did all the work. (Require warm water for 3 hours per day) Hope that the information is helpful. As @The Terrible Triplett said you are on the right place for advice, guys here always willing to help. Regards


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