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  1. Get yourself an earth leakage tester and do the tests after all the wiring is completed. It is interesting to see at what ma the rcd trips. It will work if the second one has its own earth (tip from Aus).
  2. You realise you’ve bought a 3 phase transfer switch.What do you need it for? Inside the box there are clear instructions. I’ve installed three Hager transfer switches now and it was easy.
  3. Moet nie te gou praat nie - die Vaaldam begin nou eers oorloop op 101% vol.
  4. Welcome to my world Get a clampmeter (not too cheap but they also function as a multimeter) and read the ma between neutral and earth. Remember they all add up. I’ve a fancy borehole controller that gives a high 30ma reading. On its own it can cause a trip when it comes on - requests to the local factory on this issue go unheeded. Surge protectors also add to this load. And the current wet weather will help as well to show up poor insulation of cable cuts and connectors. Sometimes my rcd also trips when the power comes back. If you have several rcds in sub db’s (seems you
  5. I must say I’ll pay Eskom gladly their 0,78c per kwhr which they charge the local robbers. Plus my account will always be up to date. Promise ... I don’t feel under obligation to pay for the caders..
  6. Disagree totally. If they can charge me I must be able to penalise them for loadshedding and power failures. I get supplied by the munisipality who owes them R3b btw. When last could they meet their demand 100% They keep their lips flapping - thats all. No discussions of any kind will save their (and the ainncee) asses.
  7. I remember the Richardts Bay aluminium smelter saga from a few years ago where the consumers were subsidising them due to a very generous contract Eskom had with them. I don’t know what the outcome of that was but my logic tells me that scenarios like that one continues to this day. We often see reports that government departments have not been settling their accounts. Combine that with fraud and I have no sympathy for them. We know their (extremely well renumerated) labour is far more than required. They also tried to get rid of their housing subsidy book some years ago. Rumour h
  8. How far did you open it? 90 degrees?
  9. Gents, I am busy connecting the pv side up. But I’m gobsmacked on figuring out how the pv connectors inside the 8kW inverter works. I’m afraid I’ll break it when I force it open to clamp a 6mm cable. Please assist.
  10. This topic can be argued till the cows come home. I can sum it up with a few sentences. 1. Eskom is in deep financial trouble with no way out. They are also rapidly running out of coal supplies. Due to their own meddling I must add. 2. The ANC has now way of getting Eskom to be ever sustainable again. But they will start adding to the tariffs. Think unfenced petrol tariff. 3. Most of the electricity tariff payments go towards subsidising unsustainable municipalities with thousands of unnecessary kadre workers. This is no secret. 4. This country will run out of electric
  11. Buyer beware. I wish you success to get technical support for an inverter from Takealot.
  12. Don’t buy electric stuff from Takealot. They give a 6 month’s warranty only on electrical items. Read their Terms and Conditions. Burnt my fingers with them - just returned a faulty expensive battery charger to them. Still waiting for refund after one week. And there were signs they’ve sent that item out previously. I broke my own rule not to buy electrics from them anymore.
  13. I know, the alarm showed it. But I need to wipe all the info I’ve put into the System Mode. I’m not getting it done on the touch screen. Think I’ll mail support.
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