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  1. When I arrived home in Secunda 33 years back I found my tv scattered across the living room. Fortunately my baby daughter and myself had to fetch my wife from hospital at the time it happened. She was always fiddling with the tv’s coloured lights. This town is infamous for lightning damage.
  2. The best protection is really a poor municipal reticulation system as it would trip early into a storm. Lol Surge protection systems can be horrendously expensive or you can go the ACDC way. Which I did. My house had 5 scary surges in an hour last season and I came out unscathed But it was a horrible experience which I don’t want to repeat. The first was a flash from the kitchen tap as my helper was walking towards it. Then two loud noises from the db which made me go cold. The last two were bright flashes hanging in the air 2m high just outside the glass doors where I was sitting. M
  3. Start by measuring startup and then running amps. My 4kw hybrid trips immediately when my 2.2kW borehole pump starts up when on 9.6kWhr Pylontech batteries. it pulls 35A starting and then reduces to 15A running. With the mains on it does not trip as it then can supply the amps. Provided nothing else is using too many amps at the same time. It shows usage of up to 128% without stressing. You do not state if you run on batteries only.
  4. So true. One needs to make proper provision for air circulation. To push them against a wall is not the way to go.
  5. I think you need the home owner’s permission to dabble with the wiring. it can turn out to be very expensive when mistakes occur.
  6. You must look at how many times you experience power outages and the duration. To prevent spending double in future you need to go for a 48v system. The cheap and easy way out is to buy a generator. Many bargains can be had on the used market now. And you will not recoup the investment in a solar system unless you are young and will not move house ever again.
  7. On a practical side we do the following to extend the low temperature in our Bosch A++ freezer: Run it on the lowest temp setting (-26C) We buy the Oasis water sachets (for runners) and freeze these to act as an ice reservoir when the power goes off. We take these with on our Kruger trips. Obviously not now The kWhr consumption on normal fridge freezer units is so high that it pays for itself when upgrading to A++ equipment. I follow these steps even though they are on a good backup system. As we all know backup systems can also trip or fail. When the businesses were clo
  8. So we have another outage and this battery is "OK" again. I'll see how it does as the volts decrease.
  9. Nope nothing tripped. Only the red alarm light. This battery is part of a set of 4. What I detected was the battery showing one green light and one flashing as if it was charging but it was not pulling any amps from the inverter. Read the end of my report on this please. The volts was normal for all the batteries. It was not charging as per above explanation. The load was carried between 4 batteries. The only indication was the red alarm light and the green SOC lights. This is a first with the many outages we've had. As set out the load was carried by 4 units. When t
  10. My 4 pylontech 2400 setup is now about 26 months running. So we had a power outage two days ago for about 10 hours. Today, by chance, I took the door off to see how dusty the inside is. I then found one battery in alarm mode with a low soc. The other three batteries were normal. I switch it off and on, red light switched off but the soc persisted. I isolated the other batteries to test the amps and volts to find the volts are fine but it shows one green light with the 2nd one flashing as if it was charging. I fiddled with the inverter to get it to run on the one battery and it was ru
  11. Specific rcds are designed to be opposite. I got one like this from Livecopper. With mcbs it does not matter. Requirement is a notice on the dB outside indicating the position of live wires. I did it with my 3 level distribution board as it was easier with the control mcbs in the middle. The requirement is an isolator before the rcd unless you buy a very expensive rcd that incorporates it.
  12. Ensure all the water openings are free of grit. New standalone switches are available everywhere. Some are adjustable. They replace pressure tanks - my current one does not include a pressure tank. You can open it it for adjustment but is a trial and error exercise.
  13. I think the municipality is opportunistic with their approach. They move the control to the home owner instead of being able to supply the maximum amperage we require - which is lot more than 15a. It will be utopia for them if they can reduce the home demand automatically to 15a max per connection. Just think, no more transformers tripping on overload. When a stove, geyser and kettle are on simultaneously they far exceed the supposedly allowable 15 amps. And if the power trips you will hear the women complaining. My wife will definitely. Something is wrong with their approach.
  14. To municipalities in good standing..... So skaars soos hoendertande..... Hmmm
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