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  1. Specific rcds are designed to be opposite. I got one like this from Livecopper. With mcbs it does not matter. Requirement is a notice on the dB outside indicating the position of live wires. I did it with my 3 level distribution board as it was easier with the control mcbs in the middle. The requirement is an isolator before the rcd unless you buy a very expensive rcd that incorporates it.
  2. Ensure all the water openings are free of grit. New standalone switches are available everywhere. Some are adjustable. They replace pressure tanks - my current one does not include a pressure tank. You can open it it for adjustment but is a trial and error exercise.
  3. I think the municipality is opportunistic with their approach. They move the control to the home owner instead of being able to supply the maximum amperage we require - which is lot more than 15a. It will be utopia for them if they can reduce the home demand automatically to 15a max per connection. Just think, no more transformers tripping on overload. When a stove, geyser and kettle are on simultaneously they far exceed the supposedly allowable 15 amps. And if the power trips you will hear the women complaining. My wife will definitely. Something is wrong with their approach.
  4. To municipalities in good standing..... So skaars soos hoendertande..... Hmmm
  5. https://www.greenbuildingafrica.co.za/reports-of-backsheet-failures-at-75-mw-mulilo-sonnedix-prieska-solar-farm/
  6. Prepaid you pay R2 per kWh from the first unit. Dunno who scores the price difference ....
  7. Prepaid =R2 per kwh from unit1
  8. I read an article which said 200mw of solar panels was exported to South Africa in 2019. And that makes me wonder if somebody in the guvament is sitting with a calculator making sums as to how much money is slipping from their fingers foreva. At 80% efficiency the municipalities might lose R272m every year at prepaid tariff of R2 per kwh. And Eskom will actually score zero income. And guvament will lose R40m every year in vat from their real actual paying clients. And this is but the tip of the iceberg which is on its way to meet the ANC Titanic. I can see this can escalate to very high figures in a record time.
  9. The Pylontec bms manages the soc (which equals about 16% per light) on the battery. I only have a look at these and have been living happily with them for two years now. The lights of the four of them (usb2000) are always in sync (more or less) unless they are charging from empty after load shedding. One battery had a red alarm light last week (picked it up by chance as they are behind a heavy steel door). I switched it off and on it and it's back to normal. No idea why it did it as I don't "watchdog" them.
  10. And they were on my list for a solar panel purchase. Not anymore though.
  11. https://reneweconomy.com.au/cheap-solar-and-wind-send-power-prices-to-three-year-low-as-coal-output-falls-15304/
  12. Which we only use for a very short period of time per day / week / year. Compare the cost of any car against the cost of a decent solar system (which can save you money) which you use 24/7. My highly financially qualified daughter and son in law only buy cheap second hand cars. And in hindsight I must admit they might be right with this approach.
  13. And that's why you go for the best warranties. There's a huge difference between a one year and a five year warranty. Apart from the lack of confidence a manufacturer has in the quality of his own product. The only way we as consumers can make them see the light is by not buying their products. Nobody will buy a car with a poor reputation. But we don't even think twice before buying an inverter with many reported problems... Why??
  14. Another good news story from the guvament. They lost their certification rights ..... Everybody has abandoned them.
  15. https://www.greenbuildingafrica.co.za/reports-of-backsheet-failures-at-75-mw-mulilo-sonnedix-prieska-solar-farm/


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