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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Sorry Gooseberry, Sold ! Chris-R
  2. Hi Guys I run four of the above units 2 each in parallel. I need to upgrade the firmware, currently on V 1.01 Anybody out there with a later firmware version? Or a link to a download site? Thanks Chris-R
  3. Things always happen for the best. Maybe it is the way it should be! regards
  4. Whilst on this topic, I have a brandnew (never out of the box) Goodwe 5kw inverter for sale. 2 years old, still have 3 years warranty left. New price +/- R30k - available for R19 995.00 Incl Vat. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in South Africa Chris-R
  5. Hi Guys I am running v3.0 beta currently and WOW !! what a brilliant experience! I can't wait for Manie to complete and promise you all - A lot of wonderfull features inside !! This is really worth the while waiting for !! I am not going to let the cat out of the bag now, but just wait a little while and you will all be smiling! Everybody with a real ICC program will be able to upgrade to the new version. Cheers Chris-R
  6. n Infini 4kw super would be the nearest match for an Imeon 3.6kw
  7. Hi shanghailoz You have your setup for quite some time now. Is it still running ok? Did you have any hassle and most important, how is Growatt's after sales support? Your feedback will be highly appreciated Many thanks Chris-R
  8. Hi Riaan Any idea for somebody that can repair a 10kw infini inverter. Suspect the DC-Dc boost board is gone Thanks Chris-R
  9. Hi Nicholas I have experienced exactly the same problem with a set of 3 Infini's linked in parallel. What was the outcome of yours? Repaired and if so where? Will appreciate any help.
  10. Hi Jason I will PM you with a picture of the settings I use for the 5 x Pylontechs connected to 3 x 10kw Infini Inverters, later tonight. I also use the same program as you are, but not a "home-brewed" version of it. I am currently running on V3.beta with the following added features: 1. Victron energy meter integrated , ET112 for single phase and EM24 or ET340 for 3 phase. No more calculations for grid and load, but actual figures and accurate feedback figures to the grid, if you wish to. 2. Multiple inverters can now be used, on a single PI and all the figures will be combined on your dashboard. 3. In a grid format, all the relevant figures will be available per inverter, if required. I am very happy with what I have now, and must admit that I was very tempted to re-spray everything blue, but the cost of duco prevented me from doing it! lol I would suggest to just hang in there, the new one will be available VERY SOON !! Cheers Chris-R
  11. Chris-R

    Dyness powerbox

    Hi @Heinds, I know for a fact that the B4850 Dyness battery packs works with Axpert, Infini and Goodwe models. They have been thoroughly tested with these models over the last year and I was involved with some of the testing on the Axpert units. They are very similar to the Pylontech batteries, with most of the changes being in the BMS System. Unfortunately there is nobody in RSA bringing them into RSA in bulk quantities and are therefore a little more expensive than the pylontech's. As for the Dyness Powerbox - ... I cannot for sure say that it has been tested and has never seen it working myself. I have just send an email to Dyness and will let you know soonest. Regards
  12. Hi Jason Still need the settings? It works perfectly. Let me know, I will help with a pleasure !
  13. Hi Guys I have 2 x brand new Infini 3kw hybrid inverters for sale They are still in the original packaging and never been used. No warranty anymore ! If you are interested please send me a PM or contact me on [email protected] Price negotiable Chris-R
  14. As a matter of interest; You cannot register as a vat vendor anymore, unless you can prove that your turnover is more than 1 million per year. I have just been through this and got very upset, but they say " that is the law"
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