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  1. We are currently out of stock, but should arrive within the next ten days, if you interested
  2. Can't agree more with @plonkster. I would also say that you have a bad battery there. Try the test Plonkster is suggesting, else remove one of the batteries and do the test whilst hooked up with battery cables and try to start your vehicle.
  3. Hi Marcel Balancing your batteries is of utmost importance if you are using lead acid/ agm / gel batteries. We have discussed this quite a few times on the forum already. All these types of batteries requires balancing, irrespective of the brand name. A set of batteries not equalised / balanced, will have a shorter lifetime than those balanced, and you will almost always end up with a battery in the bank, collapsing before the other 3 partners. We all know that it is not viable to replace 1 battery in a bank of 4, hence the need for a battery balancer. I found that the HA-02 balancer is d
  4. Sunsync is out of the box supplied with an app and Wi-Fi dongle. Monitoring as easy as pie!
  5. The setting should be set correctly on the inverter as to allow for max. amp output. The Pylontech battery warranty is not in any way linked to the amount of batteries, but to the max current drawn at any given time, of which data they have available in the BMS of each battery. Keeping in mind in what state our economy is at the moment, and given the fact that we are borrowing trillions again, I cannot see that Escom will be able to upkeep all the maintenance on all their old plants and keep everything going for much longer. ... I doubt ?? I can foresee that either we are going to get loa
  6. @SlimmJimm, The new Sunsync 5kva inverters are quite nice and are on the NRS approved list. Can be paralleled for future expansion and the prices are good. They are currently out of stock, but is expected any day now. 2 x 2.4kw pylontechs will do the thing! Hope this helps
  7. Hi Paul, Lithium is the way to go definitely! But it is still more expensive than gel/agm batteries. In the current market you will pay about R 20k for 4 x 200ah gel batteries and R29k for lithium batteries. Both giving you approximately 4.8kw/h More important is who you buy from! There are lithium and gel/agm's that I personally will never buy and so is there dealers from who I will never buy. Especially now, when everybody is climbing on the band wagon and in a year or two when you have a warranty claim, you find out that they are " No MORE " Be carefull with your descisi
  8. Sorry Gooseberry, Sold ! Chris-R
  9. Hi Guys I run four of the above units 2 each in parallel. I need to upgrade the firmware, currently on V 1.01 Anybody out there with a later firmware version? Or a link to a download site? Thanks Chris-R
  10. Things always happen for the best. Maybe it is the way it should be! regards
  11. Whilst on this topic, I have a brandnew (never out of the box) Goodwe 5kw inverter for sale. 2 years old, still have 3 years warranty left. New price +/- R30k - available for R19 995.00 Incl Vat. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in South Africa Chris-R
  12. Hi Guys I am running v3.0 beta currently and WOW !! what a brilliant experience! I can't wait for Manie to complete and promise you all - A lot of wonderfull features inside !! This is really worth the while waiting for !! I am not going to let the cat out of the bag now, but just wait a little while and you will all be smiling! Everybody with a real ICC program will be able to upgrade to the new version. Cheers Chris-R
  13. n Infini 4kw super would be the nearest match for an Imeon 3.6kw
  14. Hi shanghailoz You have your setup for quite some time now. Is it still running ok? Did you have any hassle and most important, how is Growatt's after sales support? Your feedback will be highly appreciated Many thanks Chris-R
  15. Hi Riaan Any idea for somebody that can repair a 10kw infini inverter. Suspect the DC-Dc boost board is gone Thanks Chris-R
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