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  1. Thanks for the info guys Chris i fully agree with you i think we must try find out. Im looking to try see what my next investment on a inverter must be but i dont want to brake the bank compleatly lol
  2. Hi there everyone Does anyone know who is the main importer or supplier for Infinisolar Solar Hybrid Inverter or axpert inverters? Thank you
  3. It is but is it worth while going the 6v route and what is the pros and cons? The 170ah don't last through the night so that is also why im trying to go bigger to help with that.
  4. Good day every one Im sure this question has been asked but can’t find any feedback on the forum sorry. Im dew for a new battery bank 48v and im looking at all my options even silver calcium battery’s I have saved R20 000 so far and im struggling to decide what I should get can you help please. I currently have 170 a/h gel deep cycle batteries but not sure if I must get them again. I can get the TROJAN T-105 6v 225A/H batteries new for R2000.00 INCL VAT EACH all the rest are far more but lower amp rating. I don’t mind paying more if it’s a better quality battery with the same amp rating or better what do you all think? Thank you
  5. Hi there I have this Micro Care 60amp mppt for sale as I don't use it any more. It works 100% Looking to get R4800.00
  6. Thank you Chris im glad to hear that. Should I stock to the wachpower program or is there anything else I can use that's better???
  7. Hi there every one I finally managed to get a connector cable for my Axpert 5kva Inverter to connect to my pc so I can start monitoring my system better. I have seen I keep on getting repeated warnings for output short circuited 2005 or over temperature alarm 2008 even fan locked alarm 2009 but I can’t find anything wrong or can pinpoint why the system would log those warnings. Is there any one that can advise me what to look at or maybe it’s a glitch? Or is it that im running the incorrect software or do I need to update my inverter software? Please see attached pictures and thank you for all the help.
  8. Hi there everyone I also looked at hose JA SOLAR panels and was wondering how good they are for the price you pay. I can get 2 260wp for 1900 incl vat each to replace X3 TENESOL 95wp panels that went dead and no longer works. What do you guys think or must I go look at something else? Im not going to need more than 4 of thease panels since its a small 2kva system for a flat I have in the back of my house. Thanks
  9. Its a Used one it was on a system but I took it off because it was not needed the new inverter had a charge function.
  10. Hi everyone I have a 100amp charge controller for sale It has 12v 24 48v capability and a function to connect panels or wind turbine for generating power. Im looking at R6500 also open to offers close to asking price. Im in centurion You can contact me on 071 364 4640 Thanks Danie
  11. Good morning too all Thank you for all the feedback and advice I really appreciate it. I did some fault finding this weekend and did some changes and it looks like it has paid off. I also got my hands on a load tester and tested all the batteries and all of them look to be in good order. I also disconnected all my batteries and charged them all to full capacity with a C Tec charger and left them for a couple of hours to settle. Did final testing to make sure all of the batteries are full and did read the same or as close as possible and re connected them. I also put new connectors on all of my cables and left the system to charge the howl Sunday and to go into float to balance them all off. On the inverter AXPERT 5KVA in program 29 low DC cut off voltage I see it is set to 42v would you recommend I change it to 48v because that’s where my batteries read 50% discharged but I have read it interferes with the soc?
  12. Thanks TTT Work for Bmw cars and we have those bosh battery testers but they need a acc rating on the battery and these amg gell batteries have none. Or do you suggest one of those load tester with the needle and the element on the inside?
  13. Thank you for the help Mark. I will really appreciate it if you can help me with that drawing and then ill know exactly if I must buy anything more this weekend because I also want to install the fuse on the battery lines and pv input
  14. I did check and I couldn’t see anything and I connected the bank as advised. its the bank on the right that is low 11.85 where the positive cable is connected. Ill correct all the lengths of cable this weekend and re do all the lugs just to be sure. please see attached pictures.
  15. Good morning everyone. I have noticed this morning my one battery bank is being drained more than the author one. All the battery’s in the one bank when measured individually were around 11.80v – 11.75v while the author bank all of the batteries were around 12.17v – 12.25v I there anything I must look at to resolve this or is it normal in some cases?
  16. Thank you Cvzyl Does anyone know if the software can be updated and how? Unfortunately I didn’t get all the cables with the inverter only a hand written manual so I have no clue what comes with it new.
  17. Can anyone give me more info on this 2 display pictures please? It comes up when you scroll through the main screen volts pv and so on then this is the last 2 on the menu.
  18. Thanks Ibiza Maybe that means the previous people tried to add another inverter and then took it down for some reason
  19. I also have noticed a change in my settin menu no 28 was PAL now it shows 51G can anyone advise me on this? I know this is the setting if you run a parallel inverters and im not so possibly I don’t even have to worry about it just curious
  20. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what this (HS) symbol mean in the centre of the display? Since I did the re wiring of the battery banks and reset the inverter this symbol is gone. I have gone through the manual I have for the inverter but is dussent specify anything about this symbol.
  21. The new settings for the charging and float charging
  22. As promised here are the updated photo showing some of the changes in the battery bank. Long way to go still trunking for the wiring more safety fuses and I want to re build the db box but it’s a start.
  23. Good morning everyone I just want to thank all of you for the over whelming help and advice I really appreciate it. Hopefully one day soon I can do the same and pay it forward with the ability to help someone else like you all are helping me. I have made some changes to the system last night and its looking good and im feeling more confident that the system will start running more reliable and im off to a good start to make it more safer and comply with the set safety specifications to get an coc for it soon. Ill post new pictures soon.
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