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  1. Contact Mircocare, they build some awesome mini grid systems these days. Keep it local, easy to fix, easy to upgrade. on the other hand, 10kw ain't that much, so, an good transformer based inverter with an AC coupled Grid tie inverter and some goooooood batteries! o, did i say Batteries! Batteries! Batteries!
  2. Price reduced! R12k each or R33k for all 3.
  3. i Have 3 used inverters, 2 to 4 years in service. all are tested and working good. Transformer based inverters, so they are nice and strong for those heavy startup loads. R13000 each.
  4. Any used Outback, Victron or Microcare mppts?
  5. Hi Wessel All is relevant...if your energy usage is plenty, so will be the system needed to supply that energy. a few tips on alternatives: you save your money before you start with the system. IE: take a look at the electricity demand, and bring that demand down as much as possible. Solar geyser, stove and energy efficient appliances. get a professional! Pasop for the bakkie builders. there are plenty of sharks out there. you can install a small system yourself, and ask for help on this forum, but for a true no nonsense solution, you will need expert advise. not all systems are modular. a bit of a true and false. if you have your energy demand under control, you will know how much you need, and then design a system that will allow you to reach your goal in a modular way. finance the system. if possible, get the right thing from the start, stop paying for eskom and start paying down a instalment on your system. this is the best way to get a good ROI. wind turbines vs PV: pv is the first option. much cheaper and i am almost sure that tomorrow the sun will sine again. Turbines are about 4x the cost per kwh. Batteries: if off grid, you will need something to store your energy in. dont buy cheap! it will cost you. Good Lead acid vs good Lithium. (Ek weet hier gaan ek pakslae kry) i like 2v Lead cells. but that is just me. Lithium is maintenance free, and about the same price.it all depends on DOD. Stay on the forum and ask your questions here, there are plenty of smart guys that are keen to help. Good luck.
  6. 2V selle. Hi Jacques. Nou se jy my jy het 2 V selle!!!hehehe


    Asb stuur my 'n whatsapp foto van die battery se data. is hulle VRLA?




    1. Jaaks


      Ha ha ha 

      Ha dit is iets anders ja 

      Sal foto kry 

  7. Cool, i know of a old electrical engineer that builds his own high quality stuff. Pm me and i will send you his contact details. 1. PWM is the only way, unless you go for the Midnight. A break is a must, best is to tie the tail like the old wind mills did. my recommendation would be to first build the turbine and sort out all the kinks, and just purchase a controller for now. a lot or r&d goes into doing it right. Fiberglass is cheap but does not last. Carbon fire is the way to go. speak to Jason, he imports blades from the USA
  8. Hi All. I have had similar bad service from them. luckily i never bought anything from them. just a look at there google review's says it all. My experience i can say you get what you pay for from China, and in stead of purchasing direct from there, it is better to work with a local distributor, that actually picks up the phone when you call. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. I have installed a couple of turbines to date. From what i can say is this: Wind is a great energy source if you have enough of it. the turbine needs to be set as high up as possible and a good controller makes the worlds of difference. a Turbine will cost you 4 or 5 times as much per kwh compared to PV. But if you live in a place where you don't see the sun for 15 days, it might be an option. Turbine towers need to be strong, you can diy, but over engineer the hell out of it. there seems to be no clear info on lighting protection, so my course of action is as follows: at the base of the tower i install a combiner box with normal AC 3P lighting protection. and a couple of good earthing rods. breaking of turbine in high winds. this can be done by shorting the 3 phases out, but man don't do it while it is running away... i have seen some controllers that applies the break over an increasing resistance, and then making the short. the alternative is to go old school and buy a turbine with a manual cranking break on it like the old mills on the farms. Local dealers that know there stuff: i have found 2 that i can recommend. Jason from Pegasus (a true gentleman) and Mark from Wind and Solar. Good luck, hope you get your turbine up and running.
  9. Hi 20VT. any open mppt. 48v 40/60/80/100 amps. all of those all welcome Microcare, Victron, Outback. etc.
  10. Hi, any good used Mppt's for sale? Regards
  11. Thank you for the pics and update. i am very interested, but i can only offer you about R 10k. The reason for it is that i can purchase this kit from LBSA for about R9400 without my discounts. The only reason i need your battery is because LBSA does not have 120a 24v bms's in stock. please let me know. regards
  12. thanks for the reply. could you send me any pics of the battery?
  13. Hi Dale would you consider selling the battery on its own? Regard
  14. Good evening all, I have a blown controller on a 1kw, 48v wind turbine. As you know, summer is great, but not for energy production when there is no sun for 3 weeks.... If any of you could assist please let me know. regards
  15. Hi All. Please assist with this controller. I need to program it for a client, but the china English is not so lekker. how do i set the bulk and float voltages? Regards WK450 750W 1KW controller manual _V1.3E_.pdf
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