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  1. Hi All. Please assist with this controller. I need to program it for a client, but the china English is not so lekker. how do i set the bulk and float voltages? Regards WK450 750W 1KW controller manual _V1.3E_.pdf
  2. @Warlok i run a small farm though hehhe. but cash is tight. so i will try to do 16S3P with one 250a bms? first and then one set like that again. i think still it would be good to connect to a busbar. thank you all for the replys. regards
  3. Hi Gentleman! Please give me your thoughts on connecting these diy batteries in parallel. Let's talk about a big bank, say 6 x 48v batteries. Perhaps a buss bar?
  4. Hi Gatvol. if your interested in selling them. ill take them off you for R9.5/kilo. Regards
  5. Hi, you all. i have installed the axpert a few times but man am i struggling with getting the batteries charged. OK so the system is 2x 4kw axperts connected to 1500ah 2v Traction cells (used) the main array is split between the 2 inverters at about 50 amps each charging current. then i have a separate array on a microcare 60amp mppt. on the standard settings i can only equalize to 58,4v, but on the microcare i go to 62v odd... i like the higher voltage as i do get beteer sg readings. but now the inverters keep tripping on an error code 03. is there any way around this? will the firmware upgr
  6. still available? 0792747978
  7. Morning to you all. i have isolated the problem to the heatpump, by disconnecting the heatpump at the solar db and moving the feed wires to the old eskom db. this solves the problem, but the client doesn't whats the heatpump on solar. The loose earth i have double checked, and i replaced he supply wire from db to source. i have that of replacing the breaker, i think that it is an ac/dc brand. thank you all for the advise, especially Plonkmaster! Will put and proper multi meter to it. Boeregroete!
  8. Morning to you all. i am new to this forum, and i must appologise for my poor english, ons Boere sukkel maar met engels... I have installed two axperts inverters in paralel, in Centurion with 20 x 250W panels, 780 a/h 2V cells and is connected to mains. Inverter is set to SBU and works wonderful. The heat pump keeps on tripping my mains breaker (not EL), not when the heat pump start running, but only when the inverter changes from one enegry source to another. The heat pump is only a 1100w unit. Does anybody have an idea how to rectify this? Faulty breaker? Regards T
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