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  1. Has anyone considered using an LPG generator or considered converting a petrol generator to LPG with a suitable conversion kit? I know they aren't very economical but they have other benefits, less pollution and no dealing with cans of petrol or diesel.
  2. @PurePower Could you please share the versions of BatteryView that you have? Thanks!
  3. @PierreJ I was also very worried about the high temps on both of my smart solar MPPT's so I have installed 120mm 2000 RPM PC fans on both MPPT's as well as my PylonTech battery bank. This holds the MPPT's temps below 40 degrees while at maximum output all while the 12v DC power supply only draws 20W AC running eight 120mm PC fans. Cheap and efficient.
  4. Raspberry Pi SOLD Inverter is still available Open to reasonable offers
  5. Willing to split, R8000 for the Infinisolar 3kW plus and R1000 for the Raspberry Pi 3B+, SD card, power supply, enclosure, fan and licensed version of ICC bought directly from Manie.
  6. Good day, I am selling a ReneSola rebranded Voltronic Infinisolar 3kW Plus as I have upgraded to a 5kW inverter. The inverter comes with a Raspberry Pi with the latest licensed copy of ICC installed (R2000 value). Asking price is R9900 and I'm based in Centurion.
  7. My PV array is six strings of three 170W thin film panels. So a total of 3kw and 9.6kW of PylonTech batteries. The system has generated around 16MWh in the last roughly four years. This is a 3kW Infini
  8. My infini has been installed for nearly 4 years now with absolutely no issues.
  9. Yes the dtoverlay was needed in the config file
  10. I have been using a 16A Sonoff on my geysers 2KW element for two years now with no issues.
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