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  1. You will need to register your pylontechs on their website to get the full 10 year warranty. When doing so, you are required to upload photos of the installation as well as inverter settings before they will validate your warranty. So the supplier isn't wrong. I suggest you look at a second hand rack if you want to get the full warranty
  2. I've successfully used this HAT for the Pi to extract data from the PylonTechs: https://www.robotics.org.za/W14882?search=W14882 Only R172
  3. Or you can use a free DDNS service and VPN into your secure home network. Thats what I've been doing to access my home assistant.
  4. This looks very promising for relaying and updating setting on the voltronic inverters: https://github.com/ned-kelly/docker-voltronic-homeassistant This uses mqtt topics to send the info to home assistant. I just need to find a way to get the PylonTech BMS info sent via mqtt to my home assistant. Home assistant then allows you to build rules relating to time of day and state of charge. By remotely setting values via MQTT you can implement many more complex forms of automation (triggered from Home Assistant) such as: Changing the power mode to 'solar only' during the day, but then change back to 'grid mode charging' for your AGM or VLRA batteries in the evenings, but if it's raining (based on data from your weather station), set the charge mode to PCP02 (Charge based on 'Solar and Utility') so that the following day there's plenty of juice in your batteries... Programatically set the charge & float voltages based on additional sensors (such as a Zigbee Temperature Sensor, or a DHT-22 + ESP8266) - This way if your battery box is too hot/cold you can dynamically adjust the voltage so that the batteries are not damaged... Dynamically adjust the inverter's "solar power balance" and other configuration options to ensure that you get the most "bang for your buck" out of your setup...
  5. It looks like the mqtt topics are available from the PylonTechs: Pylontech Battery Array input/output Current : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Current Pylontech Battery Array input/output Power : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Power Pylontech Battery Array SoC : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Soc Pylontech Battery Array Voltage : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Voltage There are likely many more Could I run Ned Kelly's docker voltronic homeassistant or skymax to read these topics and send them to HA? Can I plug the USB cable from both the Inverter and the PylonTech BMS into the Pi running either of the above to read this data and forward it to my HA server? Also, do you know if the above programs work on the infinisolar line of Voltronic inverters?
  6. @Mark2 Do you know if its possible to ingest PylonTech Lithium batteries info into HA?
  7. @Mark2 Your setup is very impressive! Thanks for sharing!
  8. @Mark Very nice work! Would you mind sharing your solar setup and hardware used? Could you post a few screen shots of your HA dashboard as well?
  9. This is what I have done, only I have a 2KW electric geyser running from PV on sunny days feeding into my gas geyser that only ignites when the incoming water temperature is lower than required. I chose the gas to diversify my energy sources. More expensive to install than a second electric geyser but vastly superior in my opinion.
  10. This should be of interest @mmacleod https://www.ui.com/products/#unifiLed
  11. Hi guys, My parents are looking for a small solution to overcome load shedding for a few hours and hopefully save a little money if they can. I was thinking of installing the 1000W Axpert for them with two 200W panels and one or two 100AH batteries. Maybe one 200AH. This would be fitted in the garage and plugged into a wall socket with a separate plug circuit run to the lounge. So the install is stand alone and not integrated into the DB. They only need to run one DSTV decoder, one TV, one internet router, one LED lamp and a small fan if required. I will be checking the required watts used this weekend. My question is, is the Axpert fit for this purpose? I am not familiar with the Axperts at all. Since its an off grid inverter, they should have battery backup when the power goes out and should it be sunny, use PV to power those things should there be enough PV generated and if not cut over to the grid? My understanding of the Axpert is it is either or, right? I will install fuses on the panels and a circuit breaker on the AC side and a DC disconnect. Do I need an earth leakage breaker if the inverter is using the plug socket and thus the house DB? Please feel free to make recommendations but the budget is obviously limited. Alternative solutions also welcome. Thanks
  12. Ahhh.... the price of doing the best you can to have a smaller impact on the planet... PRICELESS!! Seriously though, when I bought electric, the return was immediate. A saving of roughly R1500 a month on petrol and not having to pay R4000 every 6000km for a service which was at least once a year. I also charge solely from solar. Just my 2 cents
  13. @plonkster Thanks, that was my thinking too. If I wanted to go with a Victron setup, which components would you recommend? I see the Multigrid only does 2.4KW? And I would need a separate MPPT correct? The Multigrid can only charge from AC. is that correct? Just out of interest, how are you using your system? Are you using your battery bank daily or is it for standby only?
  14. I'm considering replacing my Infinisolar 3KW plus inverter. I would like recommendations for hybrid inverters based on the following criteria: Must support Pylontech US2000 and US3000 batteries Must include management software that can switch to batteries based on time of day and SOC The management software should be able to update to PVOutput and EmonCMS Must be compliant with current COCT requirements for a hybrid inverter and preferably be an inverter that has been approved already in such installations Thanks in advance
  15. Just to add my 2 cents, I have been using my 4 US2000B Pylontechs for more than a year and my capacity is still being reported as 200Ah. That is with my Infini set to the voltages as per the SOP namely 53.2V I suspect setting the voltages lower effects the BMV calculations.


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