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  1. and you did click on the "Browse" tab ?
  2. Therefore a 24V Inverter, and probably these specs Solar Charger & AC Charger Maximum PV Array Power: 600 W. MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 30 VDC - 66 VDC. Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 75 VDC. Maximum Solar Charge Current: 25 A.
  3. Why would you want 2 elements - for Solar ? I have dual elements available on a single 1 1/4" boss. One for 220V AC 1000 Watt and the other for 525 Watt (+25% rated) 36VDC (Solar).
  4. Bayonets are Warm white, Screw in type are Cool white. In stock
  5. No, they are a straight swopout and work exactly as your old ones did - on the wall switch - except that they even work during power outages. 7 Watt while on AC power, reduced to 5 Watt during loadshedding. If they worked for 2 hours, they need 2 hours to recharge. They have a built-in 2200mAH battery.
  6. @Coulomb is this on the King model? Will it actually bypass and allow 7kW load and if so for whatt duration - or is that only for starting motors until they settle down to normal running amps?
  7. I sell them - with warranty. E27 & B22 fittings. Rated 4 hours. R120/ea. PM me.
  8. So who is going to risk meeting up with the Chinese and other visitors ? I might give it a miss this year...
  9. @Coulomb i think this is the battery http://li-iontech.co.za/index.php/product/12kwh-lithium-ion-batteries-with-10yrs-warranty-last-year-stock-clearance-sale-50-off/
  10. No, they just all need to be LED's on the same circuit. Can't be halogen or flourescent. They have a built in 2200mah lithium battery
  11. I do normal swopout LED globes 7W with B22 or E27 fittings. Don't get simpler than that. They continue working during loadshedding and operate from your normal wall switch On/Off. Last for 3-4 hours and have 2 year warranty @ R120/ea . PM me if you need.
  12. Rather stick with the same as the next inverter may have different firmware and cause conflict. Also make sure it comes with the parallel card as some suppliers do sell without it so it seems cheaper until you need the parallel function.


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