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  1. Hi Solo This depends which charger you are referring to. The solar charger module on the axperts is a separate unit from the main inverter board and a lot of people get away with running the inverter with a faulty solar charger in this regard. The AC charger however is a different story. The inverter uses components interchangebly because it converts AC to DC in order to charge batteries and then switches the same components to convert Battery and/or solar DC to give you an AC output. Its impossible for the AC charger to fail and for the inverter to still work. AC charge
  2. Hi Naeem, How many phases do you have? Are the inverters intended to share the load or do they supply separate or isolated loads? Please provide more information on the set up, for an example:what is the no. of inverters that have been stacked. Are the live and neutrals from each inverter combined when you connect them to your MCB? Is it a shared battery bank? Images of wiring might be useful. Thank you Ash
  3. Hi, If you need your inverter repaired please message me. Axpert, Mecer, Ecco, microtek, sukam, Santak, AEC, TBE, Powerjack, Devel or Powerstar. Inverter out of warranty. Blown or burnt smell , lightening damage, no output , no charge and so on. Thank you
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