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  1. Greeting all, Please note that there is a full firmware update that has been released apparently addressing the KODAK King Solar Off-Grid Inverter 5kW Error 69 issues. Named: Axpert KING Main CPU Reflash. I see that it is dated 29/12/2017. AxpertKING5KW71.93P (1) (2) Available from Segen Solar.
  2. Fact check: Axpert/King vs Victron video - This video is totally incorrect. Facts are wrong.
  3. Greetings and yes they do have identical firmware version on them. I was in touch with the importer and distributor and they released a new firmware update. Basically the new firmware disables the alarm from running with Error 69. Error 69 basically indicates that the Pylon batteries are full and the inverter should stop charging the batteries. Bad coding.
  4. Hi all, I have recently installed a handful of KODAK King Solar Off-Grid Inverter 5kW inverters and I am experiencing issues when running in Parallel. After two separate installations my findings were almost a carbon copy. After applying the setting detailed in the SOP documents the Master behaves quite unusually. Program 2 – The AMPs keep changing – When I change the AMPS in accordance to the requirements the AMPS keeps changing on it's own. Master Only. Initially we set the maximum charging current to 50AMPS and immediately this changed. System defaulted to 120
  5. Thank you gents. Really appreciated the assistance. I will try these today.
  6. Morning all, Greetings and I trust you are all well. Does anyone have optimal settings for Axpert MKS II 5K with 4 x Pylon US3000 3.5kWh Li-Ion Solar Batteries. The solution is totally off-grid with no ESKOM present. The solution is powered by 6 x Canadian Solar 360 Watt panels. The estate restricts the amount of panels otherwise I would have added more. Is the below 100% complete or are there other settings changes required? I have the settings as follows: Program 2 = 60A Program 5 = USE Program 12 = 48V Program 13 = 51V Program 2
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