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  1. I've upgraded to a Deye 8kw and no longer need my Imeon. It's been working perfectly for 4 years and since I got it configure to work in UPS mode, it hasn't given any issues. I'm in Somerset West, Western Cape - WhatsApp me here https://ezwa.co.za?number=0721943546
  2. I'm happy to report that once I figured out how to properly program the Imeon, Its been working absolutely flawlessly for the past 4 years
  3. Thanks @Chris-R! I'll change that right away and see if it has any effect. Out of interest, can someone point me in the direction of the download link for the latest software? All I can seem to find is the mobile app
  4. In winter when there isnt much sun I *do* want the grid to charge batteries. anyways, the problem isnt really with the settings - its been working fine until recently. as soon as it gets to evening time, the imeon just stops using the grid, even though it has 235v on it. Is the imeon perhaps over sensitive to grid voltage, and purposefully not using the grid?
  5. I'm starting to think something has gone belly up on the imeon If I completely disconnect the batteries, it shows battery voltage 54.6v, and charging at 1.5a. Obviously this isnt possible if the batteries arent connected I want the following setup 1) solar to supply my house during the day 2) excess solar feedback to the grid 3) batteries ONLY ever to be used if grid is down and solar is unable to provide enough power. 4) I don't want to cycle my batteries every day is there anyone in the helderberg that can get "pro" mode on the imeon and come have a look for me?
  6. Hi All, I've had an imeon 3.6 installed 18mths ago (provider has since dissappeared and is untraceable). 3 mths ago I added 12x250w solar panels. Recently what I've noticed (it might have been doing it for some time), is that as soon as the solar stop producing, the imeon switches over to battery and then shortly thereafter cuts power and never switches back to grid. then this morning, it decided to use the solar only to charge the batteries, but not the grid to supply the house (see attached image) I've got the imeon software on my laptop, and have tried all the different
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