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  1. this is a US site, i quote them "On EnergySage, you are in control of your solar buying experience. No more door-to-door salesmen, no more unwanted phone calls. We provide a 100% online experience that allows you to receive and compare multiple solar quotes first, and then decide which installer is right for you." https://www.energysage.com/market-intro/
  2. hi guys, images 1-3 refer. image 1 is my present setup which needs attention and i thought of options 2 and 3. also, if i would like to add two panels, how should i configure them. have a great weekend! God bless g
  3. i think that is my point, its like walking, an exercise but of the brain - you don't really do it because you want to become a 'walker' [if there is something like that...] nor really to get from a to b, but just to enjoy a bit of fresh air, greet the neighbors, unload etc - but now the benefits start to come in, better digestion, better sleep, relaxed, general improvement of health and endurance etc and this has a positive influence on your life as well as in society per se. quite the contrary to becoming a slouch potato automaton in front of a tv [aka the modern trojan horse]
  4. re the posts just preceding... just yesterday the importance of the fundametals came to my mind and there is one good example where all scholl kids in the ussr and i believe japan had to learn chess. i remember playing chess and the way in which it helped you to think correct - although i never was good at it, it nevertheless helped. and yes, @Bobster, you mention logic - how many people lack the basics in that department... we had a book by copi way back in the 70s
  5. you are right, at present mine is set to 49volt [setting 12 axpert 5kv, battery to utility voltage] which i believe is slightly too high and keeps the pylons within the upper limits of soc, maybe 80-100%. so i will start with 'ye olde tinkering' game again in order to get them to about 50% soc.
  6. hahaha, it was called 'pakslae'
  7. you are enticing me to be reprimanded again on this forum... all i can say is it is great to have answers to the most important questions... which reminds me, who might be able to help me with back to utility voltage settings for the pylontech in order to not exceed say 50% soc?
  8. there are a few good ones out there - it does blow the mind, you're right; and to be conscious of the fact that although they seem all similar they are all different... snowflakes, fingerprints, you name it... eternity comes to mind and then ... phew
  9. @plonkster, you just earned your half century
  10. well spoken! "many a truth is spoken in jest!"
  11. you never really learn... after @Coulomb s help and a bit of tinkering the system stabilized just after sunrise with full batteries, these are the settings
  12. after setting my axpert as per image [settings] about 4 hours ago there has been a cyclic process going on. it looks like this: every time the display on the axpert indicates a charge of say 50volts [it slowly increases] the utility charge stops and the load falls back on the batteries for a while until charging from utility resumes. this process loops every few minutes with a gradual increase in battery voltage over the last four hours [see images of display please]. the initial charge was one led and we are now on 4 leds - things are improving i anticipate that by 2400, when eskom will cut electricity, the batteries will be nearly full and provide ample power for the outage. so i am not worried about that. my question is whether this is a 'settling in' pattern or something abnormal which i should address by changing of the settings. your feedback will be appreciated [i know the solution lies in changing the settings to 'victron' - but cut me some slack in the meantime :-)] axpert settings images of axpert display
  13. why would the bms protection coming on be a bad thing?
  14. hi, any of you know where i can find something like that at a reasonable price in south africa? kind regards g
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