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  1. I will be also watching the development with interest Although don't have enough time and inclination to write it myself I do have a Modbus energy meter which I would not mind monitoring to separate loads between AC out 1 and AC out 2
  2. ghatikar

    Axpert VM III

    Despite asking repeatedly Victron has not satisfactorily replied to my queries on duty cycle of those contacts. I suspect the 100 Amp is nominal which means they may be rated different for different types of loads https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilization_categories e.g. For example, the Schneider LC1D18xx contactor is designed to control motors with a nominal current rating of 18 A (AC-3). This contractor is capable of withstanding current peaks (~ 100 A) on starting, such as are typical on inductive machines like motors, without sustaining any damage. It can also control resist
  3. ghatikar

    Axpert VM III

    It all boils down to price and application. e.g. Nigeria where grid-tied is not really a viable option due to missing grid regulation and infrastructure. They are targeting mission-critical applications primarily like ATMs, digital signage where efficiency is not a real concern. Imagine if you have 70 % saving in deployment cost per ATM !! The other battery-less 5KW inverter is what piques my interest. the biggest advantage is you can use crappy /secondhand battries for applications like airconditioner loads without bothering about AH and C10 Although I suspect even the
  4. ghatikar

    Axpert VM III

    Guys I have a bad news.( and also good news) I contacted MPPSolar who sell the models as retail . the BMS part will not be ready till next year. and the initial release will be only with OEM orders ( where battery and inverter is sold as bundle) But in General PIS - 5048GK - (Voltonics Axpert VM III) 5KW/48VDC, 80A MPPT, max 500V PV open circuit with all the above features except BMS PIP- 3048 MK - ( voltronics King) - Zero changeover time ( PV input 145 V - ONLY 3KW model ) others features same ( no BMS yet) If I look at the graphic of the display I
  5. I am using a similar solution for my NAS / router/Network switch for quite a while now except I use a Victron Filax changeover which is fast ( https://www.victronenergy.com/transfer-switches/filax-2) a 20 AH Lifepo4 with cheap Charge controller - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6v-12v-Lead-Acid-3-6v-7-2v-NiMH-6-4v-12-LiFePO4-Li-Ion-solar-charge-controller/292584753349 with a 20 Watt panel and a generally good quality inverter with minimum fan noise - https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Inverter-Power-Bestek-300w-DC-12v-to-230v-AC-Car-Converter-Electronic-Dual-USB/5017022038 why the wired comb
  6. Thanks, Guys,. I contacted REC and they Confirmed the 16Q model is fully compatible with Victron over CABUS out of the BOX . The BMS on spec sheet looks wonderful but is rather expensive 400 Euro plus for basic ( software, cables, contactor, adding temp probe etc) take you well north of 900 Euro Maybe I will get one of those cheap Chinese versions, USE the ATC/ATD contacts and keep the battery isolated with sandbags https://www.dhgate.com/product/high-accuracy-battery-management-system-bms/409065600.html#s1-2-7b;searl|3968060313
  7. Which combination to use with 48 V , 200 AH Lifepo4 cells ( keep in mind battery was less than 3000 Euro) Following options Option 1 - Costliest most reliable Victron Multi 5KVA /48 - with REC BMS ( cost with Contactor, software etc almost 900 Euro) Option 2 - Axpert 5KVA - Coulomb's firmware patched - Which BMS ??? have not found any third party which will work with Axpert yet via serial port Option 3 - use a generic BMS to switch off the battery on extreme low/high voltage with the contractor and use additional BMV 702 relay to switch off Axpert load through
  8. GFPR specially tested one like Fronius is expensive and I am sure the Chinese have no product with that. it does disconnect at 51 HZ So my Generator logic of SOC based contractor does that - the GTI only gets connected if the SOC is below 95% . or there is enough load on output ( was 100 watt for 500-watt GTI for 1000 watt GTI I can even set 500-watt minimum load needed before GTI kicks in I agree with the second caveat - but a man can dream to prevent battery voltI have a contactor disconnecting GTI ( SOC above 99 %) plus AC OUT2 disconnects at 57V as a backup. ( c
  9. I was wondering if my thinking is correct or I may end up with a big paperweight on my hand. Recently I came across this product - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000W-Battery-Discharge-Power-Mode-MPPT-Solar-Grid-Tie-Inverter-with-Limiter-Sensor-DC22-65V-45/32762489820.html It is essentially a 1000W Grid-tie inverter with built-in export current limiter which can work with lead acid battery bank instead of PV panels as DC input I was thinking to use it on the output of 5 KW Quattro with Current limiter CT inserted between Grid-tie and Quattro ( see crude sketch attached)
  10. @watkykjy1 Updated to fresh PI image downloaded from website. The problem still exists but I could nail it down to one reason IN Detail, Downloaded fresh image - checked local emoncms working - did the necessary settings as per my install - NO emoncms posting! Again started from the fresh image - no PI settings changed only changed in ICC - NO EMONCMS posting Again started from fresh - went one setting at a time - every time checking if EMONCMS was working BINGO - it seems for whatever reason enabling BMV on USB tickmark stops EMONCMS posting immediately. - The mo
  11. Rebooted . also cross-checked if the WriteApi was correct. - still no luck Interestingly ICC thread does not show error now but there is no input reported on emoncms both remote ( Centurionsolar) and local host The local was not working for a long time ( i think from 2.6 or 2.7 ) but remote to emoncms.org was working - see screenshot Have sent the password to @Manie
  12. @watkykjy1 Marvellous update. ICC far surpasses other software with the new features few issues though 1. I did the in-app update using update button - Should I be using a fresh image? - what is the recommended path 2. I could not see a button or tab where I can selectively switch off inverters 3. ICC posting is not working to centurionsolar - On the threads tab under EMONCMS 2 - " Error posting data - Error 401" 3. How long the centurionsolarservers keep the data - If more than 6 months then I can just switch off local EmonCMS and post to EMONCMS and centurio
  13. Should be ticked. and BMV should say thread running with time indication
  14. Just to check did you tick the use BMV under battery control? What is the bmv thread saying on the threads info tab
  15. The meter issue was partially resolved - We narrowed it down to cable or the USB /RS485 converter - The whole USB bus shuts down after power is restored to ET112 . The ET340 does not exhibit same behaviour I will replace the cables with CAT6 ( using telephone cable) over weekend and see if it goes away or alternatively only plug Et112 to a separate venus on PI and check Izak tried alternative drivers etc before concluding it is a hardware issue steps until now -------------- . Both meters are plugged in directly to venus 2. The problem is only with ET11
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