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  1. Thanks, I think I've got it. Will be commissioning today so I'm about to find out
  2. Thanks again for being so helpful, the picture is becoming clearer. One last thing that I'm not clear on is what happens during load shedding. Do these settings continue to function when the grid is lost? For example, with your settings, if load shedding starts at 04:00 with your battery sitting at 50% SOC will the battery carry the load until it hits 40% SOC and then die? I remember someone commenting that during load shedding they untick the Use Time box to get the full use of the battery. I will be setting up my new 5kw Sunsynk tomorrow and I haven't yet had the opportunity to play
  3. Thanks for this, it clears up most of the confusion. So if you have ticked the grid box, like you have at 15:30, will the battery be limited to charging from the grid only or will it charge from PV if there is sufficient excess PV power? Similarly, if the grid box is unticked, like you have at 12:45, does that mean the battery will be limited to being charged by the PV or will it charge from the grid if there is insufficient PV power?
  4. It seems I am one of those people. Neither the manual nor the training videos explain it clearly enough for me to understand and I'm totally confused. Do you know if there's a more comprehensive explanation somewhere that I can take a look at?
  5. Thanks. It seems that the problem was caused by not having any load on the inverter. Once I connected the load then the inverter accepted the generator quite happily.
  6. I just upgraded to 72.70 in the hope that I could get my cheap Builders Warehouse generator to work but it still doesn't. Has anyone tested a generator on this version?
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