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  1. All you need to do is selecting PYD in battery type in code 5.. and see if the self seted values satisfy your load and discharge you desire
  2. The PYL family is part of an extensive line of maintenance free, gas recombinant VRLA batteries offered by GS BATTERY (U.S.A.) Inc. The 10 year design life PYL is the most cost effective battery solution over the total life cycle
  3. Please give me more details on your battery bank. How many batteries in series and each battery capacity and datasheet .
  4. Hi .. I am maintaining a system for a client that had 2 mks inverters paralled for optaining a single phase system and asked to add a 3rd mks. Error 71 accured and foynd out that firmware for inverters are as following 52.30 73.00 74.30 And going back to compatability rule i realized that i nead to change at leat firmware 74.30 to 72.61 And i asked a programer to do that for me and everything was o.k I need help to do that firmware updating by myself .. what are the tools and where can i dounload reflsh software and where can i find the firmware versions to download.. and can i back up a firmware from a inverter befir flashing incase things go wrong during flashing.
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