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    Wetkit got a reaction from YellowTapemeasure in Sunsynk 8kW   
    So I have a friend that could not wait to get his Axpert replaced with a Deye unit.
    Now after a week he calls me in to help. Unit switches off when grid fails.
    So I went a had a look. Man, what a ballsup...
    So the "sparky" decided to wire the two Neutral terminal together, thus saving 2m of black wire.
    When mains fails, the unit still stays on and shows 230V on the output, but measuring shows Zero volts.
    I suspect the relay card failed?
    Would this be expensive to replace?
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Erastus in don't buy SR609C geyser controllers   
    Why not just install the SR868C8 controller and get it done correctly the first time!
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Sammyigt in Battery Grounding?   
    Right, so I spent some time on Google and read up a bit on the subject, as it seems to be a bit of an issue.
    Here is some links for your own benefit, granted they mostly from the US.
    What it really comes down to, is that ALL exposed metal parts of any electrical system, be it AC or DC, needs to be grounded. That is the law.
    It is also stated, that if your PV voltage is higher than 50V, the positive, or negative, of the PV needs to be grounded. And this is where the probelms start.
    Go and have a good look at your MPPT, and you will find the negative input and output is common. So when you grounding the negative of the PV side, you in effect grounding the battery negative as well, through the MPPT controller.
    When we move over to the Invertor, you will find that the older type invertors that have an isolating output transformer, the DC negative is also grounded to the invertor chassis.
    The newer type transformerless invertors seems not to do this.
    So, at least ground all the metal parts. What is reccomended as well, is to have the PV ground wire seperate outside the building to an earth spike. Incase of a lightning strike, it will keep the flash outside your building while traveling down the earth wire, and not be a fire risk inside the building.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from francois in 3kW Infini VS Pre-paid   
    Right, so finally I think I have cracked the case on this one.
    My Infini was always set-up as "Grid-Tie with Backup (II)". In this mode the LOAD gets priority and the battery 2nd. No matter what I tried with settings in this mode, there would always bee too much power exported and the pre-paid meter would trip.
    So during the past couple of days I have tried nearly every setting and configuration available. In the end I think I have a mode and settings that is working
    Currently I have it on "Grid-Tie with Backup (I)". So far it is running fine and power export is working well. I have added my settings below if there is someone thats got the same issue or wanting expand their system.

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    Wetkit got a reaction from francois in Goodwe 5048D-ES   
    Hi Paul99.
    Welcome to the forum.
    Yes, rather run 2 completely separate strings. Each string can be configured differently.
    Say you have your original string of 10 x 400W. Keep that one as is.
    Connect your new panels onto the 2nd string.
    Both strings would then operate independently. That is why you have 2 MPPT's
    Regarding your battery settings, please use the PV Master APP to configure your system correctly.
    You should be in General mode.
    Further you have DOD (on-grid) and (off-grid). Here you can now configure the unit to work great.
    Say 50% for on-grid discharge and 89% for off-grid.
    Now under normal conditions your batteries will only discharge to 50% and then you still have 39% left for Load Shedding :)
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Youda in Goodwe + Pylontech US3000 only charging to 80%?   
    What does your set-up look like on the battery configuration? You have 2 x US2000 selected?
    Do you have your communication cable correctly connected?
    Do you have the dip switches configured correctly? Both batteries should be on Default.
    I have the US3000 units and mine goes up to 88%. They stay there for some time while amps is still flowing in. Then suddenly they would jump form 88% to 100% in a single step.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from TheoG in Goodwe ES 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter   
    It is just that nothing is simple with the Blue stuff.
    Anything you want to add, needs an expensive cable and some other type of box to communicate with.
    The GW is more of a single solution out of the box. Set and forget.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from SOLARWIND in Earth leakage and Inverter   
    So far I know you do not feed an inverter from an E/L, but only on the output side, if the load requires it.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Nadeem Ahmed in Infinisolar 3kw+ settings please...   
    Hi Nadeem,
    This was only for the 3kw Infini. I am not familiar with the 5Kw unit, sorry.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from pilotfish in Solar Panel - Roof Mounting   
    Ok, some foto's from another install that was done for work, using similar products.

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    Wetkit got a reaction from Barezzi in My new istallation - Work in Progress   
    I like the quality of your equipment, not many can afford to buy Victron off the bat.
    However, I am a bit concerned regarding your battery set-up.
    Currently you have 3 strings, but no fusing (protection) between any of the strings.
    You did install fuses for each MPPT, but not each battery bank
    I would suggest you install a seperate fused connection for each battery bank.
    Also make 100% sure you keep each cable length the same on each bank.
    You really should also do that for the MPPT controllers.
    It would be interesting to find out why you have gone with 3 banks, rather than a single large one?
    Multiple banks normally have multiple problems...
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Shaun in maximum distance from PV array to Charge Controller   
    Is there no way you can bring the inv and batteries closer to the PV?
    Running 230V AC over 60m is no problem, but 60m with 16mm cable is going to cost you $$$.
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    Wetkit reacted to ___ in 3kW Infini VS Pre-paid   
    Keep in mind that this inverter runs in grid-interactive mode and therefore all loads (whether on the input or output side) is actually powered by the grid while the inverter behaves like a GTI (except during an outage). The decision the inverter has to make is how much energy to push back.
    When you use the internal current sensor and disable feedback, the inverter "feeds back" just enough power to power the devices on the output, aiming for zero on the input. When you use an external modbus meter (and disable feedback), THAT meter replaces the internal current sense and now it will attempt to feed back enough power to zero the external meter. Any appliance living on the input side of the inverter, but downstream from the modbus meter, can then benefit from surplus energy. This would include the geyser and stove and all those heavy appliances you normally leave on the grid.
    In other words, with Wetkit's setup, the inverter counter-intuitively feeds energy back from its input to the rest of the house, but it still attempts to avoid feeding it to the grid because you told it to.
    Of course the additional delay of communicating with the modbus meter also comes into play.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from nichur in infini / Axpert firmware & SolarPower Pro software   
    Any update or progress here?
    How do I see what firmware I am running currently?
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    Wetkit got a reaction from DeepBass9 in Pool pump on inverter   
    I also started my solar path due to the pool pump.
    As I have a chlorinator, it needs to run long periods during the day to produce enough chlorine.
    At this moment I am running 3 pumps from the Infini, 700w pool pump, 600w pressure pump and 500w wellpoint.
    There is also the small 300w grey water pump, but that is small compared to the rest.
    If you have to start your solar journey somewhere, poolpump is the best place to start.
    I did look at those solar pumps, but the idea of spending all the money on a solar system that is nearly going to do nothing in winter did not sit right with me.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from SilverNodashi in My PV System   
    While talking about wasted energy, can you guys create a new thread in fight club and take your issues there!?!
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    Wetkit got a reaction from francois in My PV System   
    To date I have made some adjustments to the system. At this current moment I am running 2 sets of T105 batteries.
    So at this moment my power usage is just about ZERO during daylight hours. Battery power is only used if the PV sees power, so during the night I run from mains. This keeps the battery bank from working too hard.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from francois in My PV System   
    Sorry, just been busy at work...
    Been stuck in Nigeria now for 2 months getting a generator going
    Anyway, still very happy with my Infini unit. For the price, there is nothing that comes close to it.
    If I had unlimited funds, I would still like to try the GoodWe hybrid unit.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from superdiy in My PV System   
    Sorry, just been busy at work...
    Been stuck in Nigeria now for 2 months getting a generator going
    Anyway, still very happy with my Infini unit. For the price, there is nothing that comes close to it.
    If I had unlimited funds, I would still like to try the GoodWe hybrid unit.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from ___ in My PV System   
    While talking about wasted energy, can you guys create a new thread in fight club and take your issues there!?!
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Barezzi in My PV System   
    My idea was to export power, many moons back, but now it is really not worthwhile.
    The single biggest diffrence between Bi-directional and Hybrid is the use of battery power and capacity.
    We can not all afford a huge battery bank, say 1000AH's. This is what is required by a 5kw bi-directional invertor to not cycle the battries 2 to 3 times a day.
    With the Hybrid I can consume all the solar power I can generate and still keep my small battery bank fully charged for load shedding. For me that is a win - win.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Jaco De Jongh in Solar Panel - Roof Mounting   
    Ok, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a step by step of how I mount my solar panels on the roof.
    Firstly, I am NOT saying this will work for everybody, or that it is the correct way.
    This is just how I have done mine to save costs, as the original equipment from the solar companies is extremely expencive.
    So, I use electrical stuff every day at work, so it was logical for me to use what I have learnt there.
    All the following is part numbers from Cabstrut and your local electrical supplier should have it available.
    I got mine from BES (Bellville Electrical Services) and Mr Koen there gave me 40% off from the listed Cabstrut price.
    The following should be enough for me to mount 8 x 235W panels.
    4 x P2000 (1mm thick)
    20 x SN110/M10 (M10 nut mounted on a spring. This fits inside the P2000 rail)
    20 x P1063 (Square piece with 11mm hole in the centre. Using this to fix adjasent panels)
    20 x M10 bolts
    10 x P1026 (90 degree angle. Will use it to fix the panels on the ends)
    All the above worked out to less than R1k
    1st step was to make sure I knew where I wanted to mount the panels.
    2nd was to start opening the concrete roof tiles to find out where the roof trusses is located.
    Here I used Tri-Strap that I got from Brights. I used 35mm long self drillers to fix the Tri-Strap to the roof truss.

    Next step is to bend the strapping and cut it to the correct lenth.

    Next would be to close the tile gap again and do the rest. I used 3 fixing points per 5m length of P2000.

    Once all the straps is done, it is time to fix the P2000 to the straps. Here again I used the 35mm long self drillers.

    Final product

    Next week I hope to start mounting some panels.
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    Wetkit got a reaction from Travis in Infini 3kW Plus Hybrid + Conlog Pre-paid meter = Problems !!!   
    Ok, so back to this saga yet again.
    So I have read somewhere that the software might cause issues if it is not installed in the correct directory.
    Well, as I am sort of into IT, I like to install programs under the correct program folder, and not sommer any directory in C drive.
    Right, so step 1 was to delete the old installation, reboot PC, install software under default directory , and reboot pc again.
    Everything looked the same afterwards, but I did notice an extra line right a the top of the screen, under parameter settings.
    Something about max feedback power = 300W
    Now remember, at this stage I am running "Off Grid (III)" mode, meaning no power should ever be exported back to the grid.
    I changed the setting to Zero, and next time I look, the line is gone. Poof!.
    Anyway, so I sit down and change all the settings back to "Grid-tie with Backup".
    Once the unit have updated to the new settings, I rebooted the unit.
    Then configured all my other settings again, only one setting at a time, making sure to press the "Apply" button next to each setting I changed.
    So, once done with all of that, re-booted the invertor again and restarted the pc as well.
    So after all of this, we finally look to be on track again, PHEW!!!
    I did some load testing to see if the invertor tripped the pre-paid meter again, but all looked ok.
    So far so good....
    So, looks to me like it could be a software related issue.
    P.S. Regarding the energy measurement, I am using an Efergy unit. For now I will just ignore it's reading and count the units on the pre-paid meter.
    For now, here is my current settings.
    Any comments???



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    Wetkit got a reaction from Carl in Wellpoint + Irrigation   
    Ok, so some new progress with this system as well.
    I felt our home water consumption was still too high, so where else we wasting water? Do we really use 100% good drinking water to flush our toilets???
    At the same time I started looking at grey water seeing I already had a storage tank.
    First thing was to find a suitable place to collect the grey water. Luckly for me I had just such a location. At this position I could collect the washing machine water and both bathrooms. Only missed the bath of the main bathroom, but we normally shower, so not a great loss.
    Took a week of planning an a week-end of building and all the grey water is now pumped into the irrigation water tank. Biggest cost was the DAB sump pump for R1600. It's got a level switch, so was easy to set-up.
    Next was to use the irrigation water for the toilets. This took much more planning and head scratching. Luckly my plumber found a way to do it that was not too expencive and took only 2 days to install.
    We installed a new water point at each toilet. I used the same pressure pump for the toilets as for the irrigation. Only thing I added here was a pump pressure/flow controller. This enable the pump to start and stop automatically according to water usage.
    Well, as all my projects goes, here I also picked up issues. Water from the well point was very brown and dirty. This started to stain the toilet bowls and caused all the water valves to not seal 100%, so pump basically ran permanently.
    I have now had to install 2 x 150um sediment filters before the pressure pump.
    On the toilet water I have installed a further 2 filters, 50um for particles and 10um to remove most of the brown colour.
    Still busy deciding if the replacment filter cost will offset the water saving cost. At least I know if our water is now shut-off the toilets will still work :/
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    Wetkit got a reaction from ___ in Axpert MKS 5KVA Inverter - 48V   
    @SBBS, I think you not following the discussion, or is it me?
    Anyway, the 3 Axperts you have is fine, no issues there. The only problem is that they cannot work from a common PV setup. Each inverter needs to have it's own PV strings.
    Now due to the common and shared DC bus or battery bank for a better name, the 3 Axperts will still "share" the PV between them, so you not going to loose anything. In actual fact, you should gain a little bit.
    The axpert will only switch to mains if the battery bank is low, not when there is no PV.
    With the Axpert, you either run on batteries or mains, not both. Only a true Hybrid can do that.
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