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  1. I watched this video. It's about success stories of people who are using renewable energy, and it worked well for them. I think this success stories are inspiring. So I am sharing this video with you. Technologies highlighted include geothermal heat pumps, solar energy, offshore and onshore wind energy, solar thermal hot water, electric vehicles, and anaerobic digesters.


  2. I found a report in the "Independent" claiming that the US will meet Paris accord commitments even if DonaldTrump withdraws because renewable energy will be the cheapest form of power in almost every country by 2020 (With the exception of a few countries in Southeast Asia).
    Which means that prices for clean energy will soon sink to lower than more polluting sources so the US will use more renewable resources not because they like them but because they are cheaper.

    sounds like good news ( of course not for Trump!)

  3. Is there anyone familiar with Homer energy microgrid software? I used the free version for a small simulation. It was very limited. And the sensitivity analysis was a bit weird. I don't know whether the simulation matches empirical data or not. I am a bit skeptic about it. If there is someone who has experience with it, can you confirm that the data is accurate or not, and do you recommend buying this software? If not, can you recommend another software?


  4. Is the photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector (PVT) more efficient than the normal photovoltaic panels? Do you have some empirical data? Because many people are claiming that the PVT is more efficient than the PV modules, but I don't see any data. The information is theoretical: the efficiency of the solar panels decreases with heat and the pipes of the thermal layer absorb the heat coming from the PV layer, therefore, they should be more efficient. Which is true in principle but this is not enough, we need some experiments, some data.

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