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  1. The inverter will only What I did was to make a "forecast" with the help of NodeRed and a weather API. This helps me show a "potentially available" solar power. I actually made a bar graph display and put it visible in the kitchen so its easy to see, ideally, when to run the appliances This also gives me an idea as to how much solar power goes "to waste". It makes it clear that I need more batteries.
  2. Hi, I'm late to this thread but with the same ambition - which is to be able to manage when my geyser runs via software control. I have any number of Sonoff smart switches - my thought was to use that to switch the coil side of a contactor and actually switch the geyser with the contactor. Am I supposed to switch both live and neutral - there is already a 2 pole isolator switch. The other part of this is to be able to measure the water temperature in the geyser. What options to do that? Again - easy to hook up a probe and get a reading back - but how to get the pro
  3. 2014/5 used i3 BEV can be had for the R350k price point and will do something like 120km with care. Certainly you can thrash it and certainly still get 60. Choose the REX and you can go much further. OP did say new but I'm not sure why.
  4. It's 9S1P. 7x335W panels, 2x405W. The inverter max voltage is 500V Steve
  5. Hi all, Here's the question: I want to upgrade my system - currently its a single string of 9 72-cell CS 335W panels going into an Infinisolar hybrid. I have in mind the Sunsynk 5.5 machine - which has two solar inputs. So I'd put the existing string on the one input and then build a new string for the other. Only the 335W panels aren't in stock. So I have a quote for 405W panels. Now I have two spare 335W panels - so my question is if anyone has practical experience with putting 2 72cell panels at 335W together with 7 405W Electrically I don't see why it wouldn
  6. I think back to back with the old board is a great idea - I guess the trick is to chisel through without damaging the cabling. For ours we put the new board on the side but it did require extending many of the tails to reach. Back to back the cable lengths wouldn't need to change.
  7. Hi, My Renesola / Infinisolar inverter just errored off, with error 6, which is apparently Over temperature alarm. Hard to argue since it reported 94 degrees I guess the heat is mainly generated by the actual DC->AC inverter. Load shedding started 12. My "essentials" load was around 400W. The batteries were still charging with about 1700W coming from the panels in total. going like I say 400W to the essential loads and the rest to the batteries. I got it going again and the batteries finished charging and its now reporting 77 degrees. So looks like
  8. So Pres Ramaphosa just announced that municipalities can buy power privately. So who is the contact person at CoCT - want to offer to put up another 6 or 7 kW to sell to them...?
  9. After power came on here just after 10pm my inverter re-tied, then voltage browned out down to 193 volts and the inverter isolated again. I suppose when power comes back every geyser in the neighbourhood comes on and there is a ton of load. Still, frustrating since my batteries are quite low and there is a chance I might lose my essentials supply.
  10. Hi, I made a NodeRed flow that attempts to predict available solar power. It does it using a node calls "Solar Power Forecast Plus" that takes your position, panel alignment etc and predicts the power that should be available. I then took a www-request node to request weather info from darksky.net, and attempted to factor in the cloud cover to try to come up with a prediction. The resulting info I send into MQTT to EmonCMS so I can chart it and so on. My flow looks like so: An export of the flow is also attached if anyone wants to play. The MQTT message
  11. I've learned not to keep my hobby projects as hobby projects. I remember my MythTV system 20 years ago. Everyone would tell me I should make systems and sell them. I was smart enough even then to know that what satisfied me would not satisfy a "it needs to just work" customer. I hardly noticed the quirks. I've also done VOIP for nearly as long and in that space it took some time to get the wrinkles out and to be able to deliver service that just works. We are there now, but its always harder than you think to get tech to the "just works" stage.
  12. Been raining since early in Cape Town (yes, I know...). Sun appeared from behind the clouds for a bit and I see I'm getting way above my panels rating:
  13. I worked from this: https://github.com/MindFreeze/hassio-axpert @Coulomb sent doc links - I'm sure he knows them better than the manufacturer.
  14. Just to keep things interesting for Cape Town solar geeks. My permission to commission my system contains this sentence: Groan. I have an existing Landis+Gyr prepaid meter. Now these meters can be configured to cut the power if they detect reverse energy (its considered as a tamper attempt). Mine though has that set off. So it bills me for reverse energy if I overshoot - and of course when the iron is being used or the oven then I do see some overshoot when the iron or oven thermostat turns off. So its a concern for me that they want to swap the meter - since I may end
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