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  1. @plonkster I think I will make your day. My 5kVa Axpert has been running for 3 years, and it is busy serving its purpose well. However after learning about all the different inverters on this forum I will be replacing it with a Victron once it decides to give up the ghost. One soon realizes that there is no substitute for quality and longevity of a product.
  2. @Coulomb has posted info on this inverter in 2014 already at the Aeva Forum. (It was originally designed in Taiwan) More information at: https://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?t=4332
  3. Nope.....I don't know where you got that information. The original Axpert was designed in Indonesia (could be wrong) and then moved operation to Voltronic Power in China. Must Power cloned the Axpert from Voltronic Power.
  4. I am tinkering with node-red which is a very user-friendly program and will soon open a topic where you are able to copy my settings as a start and from there you will be able to expand it...if you want to.
  5. I personally would go for a bigger heat pump. I have a gas geyser for the past 4/5 years and after replacing 2 of them and various other niggles have decided to upgrade to a heat pump. I have read good reviews on the ITS brand and will probably go for the 5.6kW.
  6. This one will do all that you want and more. Just keep it plugged into the wall and your devices into the inverter and it will change over automatically. https://www.geewiz.co.za/long-run-ups-inverter-battery/93614-1030-mecer-axpert-3000va-pure-sine-inverter-2x-100ah-battery-8-hour-battery-life-kit-3000w.html#/132-battery_type-100ah_standard_200_250_cycles
  7. GVC

    Needed Axpert Fans

    Contact @Chris Louw He has 2 x Axperts that he is stripping for spares.
  8. I posted this picture about a year ago. I clean the panels with a normal garden hose. Only hosing dust off with water.
  9. Hi Chris Can I ask what you paid for the new board and contact details if possible. A friends board also popped that he wants to replace.
  10. Have you checked the direction of your non-return valve, as it can only open with the direction of the flow? If it is installed the wrong way around then it will definitely not pump. Or possibly as @Chris Louw has pointed out, your pump may be too weak to open the valve. Maybe remove it for a test?
  11. This is indeed strange behavior. If I switch off the battery and PV supply my inverter switches off, even though the inverter switch is on. I reckon that your inverter stayed on by some or other weird circumstance and when your wife bumped the CB board it eventually switched it off. It will not switch on until you reconnect your batteries. Do you not have a "change-over" switch to either select Utility or inverter supply?
  12. I have this exact same model and it definitely can not run without batteries.
  13. Africa has long been the dumping ground for the "first worlds" old tech. When something new comes out, they clear their old stock and dump it in Africa (and not at a cheaper price).
  14. The more I am reading on these Heat Pumps, the more I am becoming convinced that it is time to put my Gas geyser on standby and install one of these heat pumps. I am already on my second gas heater in 4 years.
  15. Nice setup. I am using similar isolator switches on my solar and batteries for over a year and I must say they are excellent value for money.


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