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  1. The best definition for me as to what a Hybrid inverter is, is that it can work with or without batteries. While the Victron cannot work without batteries a Sunsynk can.
  2. This is what you said: "Victron being such a great brand still cannot produce an MPPT over 250v"
  3. I think you are the one to check your facts before posting.
  4. I am not comparing it to a Sunsynk? I reckon that the Sunsynk is a great inverter. Look at the statement that was made then you may comment again.
  5. I have simulated the "My Solar+Battery" app using the normal emoncms feeds and added colour Led,s to see what is feeding what in realtime. The calculations are slightly off due to the self consumption of the inverter.
  6. Well for a poorly made battery I must say that it is performing outstanding in tests that are underway for the past 4 years in Australia. It is keeping up and even surpassing top battery brands. For the record I do not own or have owned a Pylontech battery. The testing site can be reached here: BatteryTestingReport9Sept2020.pdf (batterytestcentre.com.au)
  7. Not at all. I never mentioned any branded names.
  8. Those Prismatic cells used in the pylontechs are specially designed by themselves, and are of a superior quality to many of the plastic square lifepo4 case cells.
  9. I was busy trawling through emoncms site the other day and see that Tryston Lee has made a new app last year "My Solar + Battery". What a nifty app. This is the info that I think most of us want to see from our solar systems.
  10. Here someone is posting on Facebooks "Name and Shame Warning" group. Does the address look familiar?
  11. This happened to me about 2 years ago. One MC4 also melted like that. Turns out the cable was not crimped on properly.
  12. Thank you so much for mentioning this problem. I installed a Multiplus, 2 x MPPT and a BMV702 2 months ago, loaded ESS onto a RPI and thought I was good to go, well I can tell you the ESS did not perform as I thought it should, and having no previous experience with it I could not articulate my problem properly. The Min Soc, Scheduled Charge and just about everything else did not work properly. I eventually loaded node red and controlled the Multi this way. After reading this post I disconnected the BMV and everything is now working the way I imagined it should. It would appear that the B
  13. Also managed to buy the last one at Builders in Witbank.....works awesome
  14. My understanding is that the 2 x 335w will pull down the 7 x 405w to 335w. I have read that the panels will de-rate to the lowest Volts/Amps of the string.
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