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  1. insert a paperclip or small screwdriver into the hole that displays I/0. That looks like the on / off switch.
  2. GVC

    Jinko Solar

    My thoughts exactly....looks like mold.
  3. GVC


    It would seem that there was a falling out of sorts between Manie from ICC and Johan from Centurion Solar...They were partners till recently. Same thing happened between the original coder of ICC namely @JDP AND Manie.
  4. I am not sure if it will make a difference but I would set "Charger Source Priority" to "Solar Only" to see if that will force your MPPT to stay on.
  5. GVC

    UPS ?

    I believe it would charge it quite comfortably as this Mecer has a 20A built in charger. 12V Lithium Ion should not be a problem.
  6. GVC

    UPS ?

    This will be perfect for what your friend wants. If you shop around you can find a better price. https://pclinkshop.co.za/shop/clearance-sale/mecer-bbone-024s-2-4kva-1440w-housing-with-2-x-100ah-battery/
  7. Yep, same here...Still waiting for my stuff to shipped.
  8. These are great little units. I had 2 of them.
  9. That is a one helluva increase? I presume you meant 12$ to 13.5$
  10. GVC

    Python gui

    Wow, I wish I had found vb.net sooner. Makes me wonder why I started out in Python first. I am really enjoying this...
  11. My colleague has a Growatt SPF5000 and wants to upgrade to LiFePo4 batteries. Can anyone recommend the most suitable Lithium batteries which will work properly with this inverter?
  12. Unfortunately I only thought to take a photo after I had stripped out the BMS. The one I bought from @Bain Viljoen was the only 15S he had in stock and if I am not mistaken it is the most basic one he sells. It works great though. I am planning to add some LED lights later on just for peace of mind to show that it is on...lol
  13. My BMS popped on my 4.8kW Narada due to a lightning strike. I bought a Daly BMS from @Bain Viljoen as a quick replacement to get the battery back in production, but it is working so well I think I will leave it in permanently.
  14. Well done @Jaco de Jongh. It is thanks to installers like you who still give credibility to the solar industry.
  15. Disable SOC control in ICC, then on your inverter change: "Back to Grid" = 48.0 (setting 12) "Back to Battery' = 52.5" (Setting 13) Setting 12 and 13 only work if setting 1 = SBU or SOL. You can also use "change by time" in ICC instead of SOC.
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