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  1. @Riccardo I ran it on Ubuntu 16.04. I had a problem when i upgraded to 18.04 and had to reload Emoncms. I have not been using Solpiplog since a lightning strike put my laptop in an early grave...lol. Although it is a great program. More info can be found here. https://www.photovoltaikforum.com/thread/114101-usb-datenlogger-für-pip-serie-solpiplog/?postID=1980319&highlight=solpiplog#post1980319
  2. Seems likely that one or both of your batteries are gone. The fact that they only last one hour and that they charge so fast is a classic example of a damaged battery cell. You need to measure the voltage on the individual batteries while not charging or discharging. The one that is lower by +1.0 volts will probably have a dead cell.
  3. Now that I have some spare time during the lock-down I am thinking that it is an excellent opportunity to kick-start a community based software development program for Axpert-like inverters. As this program is community based it will be freely available to all. (We could even post it on Github for all to benefit} I have written some software in Python and Python Gui for the Axpert, but I decided to try my hand in VB.Net (Visual Studio) and I have modified some code that was made available some time ago on this forum that was written in visual basic. I have turned this code upside down to get a handle on it and modified it to more or less do what I want. I am not a coder by the way and I am only Blessed by being able to read and understand Logic. My thinking is that I will start off with a relatively simple comprehensive program that I will share here and from there we will develop it into something that we can all use. My current format resembles a certain commercial one (which I like), so we will first have to alter it into something unique which we can call our own. Interested non-commercial developers are welcome to message me if they are keen to get involved. Non coders can share all their ideas here.....from design to wish-list. EDIT: And....Yes, the full code will be made available to all.
  4. I would really like to get my hands on the software protocol that they have inserted into the Pylontech BMS to take charge of the inverter. If one adds it to external monitoring software then basically any Lithium can be controlled properly, effectively turning the inverter into an AI. Food for thought.
  5. What is the asking price for the unit if i may ask?
  6. Damn, that is a neat setup. I like the idea of all four batteries connected to the Busbars at the bottom, and the fact that all the connections are at the back of the unit....
  7. That hat lying on the table has "houding". I am sure it can share plenty stories...
  8. GVC


    Plenty of people I know (myself included) started off with small little UPS systems to power their essentials. These little systems work great and are fully automatic. Here is the perfect starter kit. https://www.geewiz.co.za/long-run-ups-inverter-battery/93614-mecer-axpert-type-3000va-pure-sine-inverter-2x-100ah-battery-8-hour-battery-life-kit-3000w.html
  9. I am sure there is on the MK 11. I am however, not at all familiar with the newer models settings. I still have the 2015 model. Someone will come along shortly to give you the correct settings.
  10. At 30A charging, it will mean the first 1300 Watts from the solar panels will go to charging the batteries and then only the excess will go to powering the house. If I am not mistaken your batteries have to be at 42V + 2v = 44V before your inverter will allow excess PV watts to power the load as well.
  11. insert a paperclip or small screwdriver into the hole that displays I/0. That looks like the on / off switch.
  12. GVC

    Jinko Solar

    My thoughts exactly....looks like mold.
  13. GVC


    It would seem that there was a falling out of sorts between Manie from ICC and Johan from Centurion Solar...They were partners till recently. Same thing happened between the original coder of ICC namely @JDP AND Manie.
  14. I am not sure if it will make a difference but I would set "Charger Source Priority" to "Solar Only" to see if that will force your MPPT to stay on.
  15. GVC

    UPS ?

    I believe it would charge it quite comfortably as this Mecer has a 20A built in charger. 12V Lithium Ion should not be a problem.


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