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  1. Gents. Have any one connected a Pylontech in parallel with lead acid 48 v battery string ? see attached discussion. https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/19981/mixing-lead-acid-and-lithium.html
  2. Hi Guys. Any expierence with a Phocos PSW-H Any-Grid 5Kw inverter and Pylontech Lithium Ion 3.5kW US3000 Battery combination. The Phocos PSW-H seems to be a Frid tied or Hybrid, depending on you're applicaton. I personall have not heard about this brand. I am desciding on the above solution or an Axpert Inverter MKS 5K-48v MkII 120-450Vdc with a Pylontech Lithium Ion 3.5kW US3000 Battery combination.
  3. Gents. I have 4x180ah lead acid battery connected in series working from a 5kva axpert inverter. Can I add capacity by adding a 3.5 kw pylontech lithium battery in parallel? https://juser.fz-juelich.de/record/829025/files/PE_070_Christiane.pdf
  4. Small mistake. The cable I received with inverter is a normal RJ 45 cable and the other end is a a serial connection. The other end i use a converter tochange the Serial port to USB. where can I get a usb board?
  5. This is the problem I currently have. Seems that ICC will be phasing out the support of Rs232 and only support usb interface. I am currently using ICC on a PI via RS232/ serial port with usb/rs232 converter.
  6. I bought an Axpert 7 months ago never to realize the comms port is a serial port RS232. Can this board/board be swapped with a USB interface?
  7. How do you get the battery to go to 50% on DOD? my inverter switch back on 44v. what will the voltage be at 50% DOD?
  8. Hi Terrible Triplet, what do you mean with this statement? Are you saying the Axpert can “kickstart “ the solis? Or just by using them together and when the power goes out the Axpert will be the only working inverter, I guess this is what you mean
  9. I have used a Solis for over a year now, highly recommend if you wanna save money. Load shedding however is a problem due to the fact that it mist switch of when no grid is available
  10. Interesting, thx you have answered my question. That means i can get1 Pylontech to replace my lead acid and potentially have 500 wh hour more of usage then.
  11. I want to relplace my lead acid batteries with a Pylontech. I have 4x180 la battery in series. P=Ixv that means 8640W however the DOD is only to 44v . Uou can not use 8640w die tot the 80% DOD Now how does then relate Pylontech 2400 or3500w, how many Pylontech’s will be needed to replace my current lead acid?


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