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  1. KobusK

    712 BMV

    Hi do tou still in stock?
  2. Hi, I am looking for a Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor in Centurion area. Any ideas?
  3. KobusK

    Connecting hybrid in series with Grid tied

    That sounds like a potential bomb in the making. is it feasible to to first put the GTI the the Hybrid gong to the DB. Should the mains then be interrupted the Hybrid will be the only one working. We dont have load shedding any more and at night this can get rid of the 500 w load throughout the night. I have checked this load comes from the security cameras routers. or is it just better to split everything in parallel and put the essential loads on the Hybrid?
  4. KobusK

    Connecting hybrid in series with Grid tied

    The grid tied can not feed back to the grid as it has a clamp on the municipality feed blocking the feed. This should then be a gatekeeper. So the idea is municipality into mecer inverter in and then the output going to the solis and this into the DB BOX. Thanks for the responses thus far.
  5. I have currently got a grid tied solution which works great when the sun shines and the grid is up. Can I install a Hybrid solution first and keep my grid tied? In theory the Hybrid will trick the grid tied that the the grid is still up. When the sun is down the grid tied will switch off and I will het back up power from Hybrid system. Is my assumption correct?
  6. KobusK

    Imeon 3.6 Hybrid Inverter

    I am interested in a hybrid inverter. Where you from what do you you want for it ?


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