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  1. Thank you Chris could you elaborate on how this will be done? In this case the lodge are opening without any Grid Power but do have an existing 100KVA Generator. They want to launch with a certain amount of rooms but will need to make use of generator to supplement the power during the night by charging the battery bank as they cannot afford more at this stage... For this reason I want to be able to set up the system to kick in at a certain level of charge up to a certain level if possible?
  2. Hi Guys Can anyone advise whether it would be possible to get a Diesel Genset to Autostart as part of an Axpert System for a lodge to charge batteries and if so how it would be done? Kind regards Bosvark
  3. Hi Plonkster It is the age old I told you so story... Quoted a client on the Blue components but they insisted on the more economical option...without telling me they were going to run tubular flooded batteries on the system... to cut a long story short we ended up replacing with separate inverter and separate MPPT both blue to solve their issues... Kind regards Elster
  4. Hi Everyone I have a virtually brand new Mecer Axpert 5KVA inverter for sale (worked for 1 week before being replaced with Victron Multi), will look at offers upwards of R8000 for the unit. Kind regards Bosvark
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