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  1. Hi all, I have an Axpert 4k being fed by two arrays and charging two 7.4kWh Solar MD lithium batteries. Between approx 10h50 and 12h30 the Axpert shows the PV array giving 2.45 to 2.65 kW charge and staying there. If I disconnect an array and then reconnect, the Axpert shows 3.74kW being 2.3kW from one array and 1.44kW from the other. The batteries are at 68%. The inverter then carries on happily all day and the batteries are 100% by 14h00. We then irrigate and heat water until 17h00 using the panels leaving the batteries fully charged. This happens every day. The inverter was in parallel and connected to the low power array so this was not noticed. Now we are back to one inverter. The inverter uses a Solar MD data logger and for a while it was running under Ai control. The guys at Solar MD tried all sorts of settings but to no avail so now we are back to normal. Charge setting is 80A. Has anyone seen this type of behaviour before. My previous RCT Axpert was connected like this for two years and never had this problem.
  2. Thanks, I did a pin out check and they are all ok and one to one, as is the OEM cable, so still confused. Will have to get an OEM somewhere.
  3. Hi all, I need one of these cables, are they off the shelf or Axpert specific? Tony
  4. Hi all, Is this cable specifically wired for the Axpert or is it an off the shelf item. Have lost mine Tony
  5. It was an option offered to me by Solar MD. I didn't have to pay for it. Maybe they upload it to the batteries which then controls the inverter.
  6. Hi All, I have two 7.4 kWh Solar MD lithium batteries installed with a 5kVa Axpert MKS. At the weekend the inverter is now known as Axpert Ai in my control panel. Its was a bit eerie at first as the inverters settings have changed and it is making its own decisions and is dynamic. Its early days yet but the first tests seem to show an improvement in system efficiency. I can chat online at any time to the Solar MD guys from the control panel and I will publish some results. Well done Kayloyan and his team.
  7. I have to say that the label looks a bit on the iffy side. But if its working then great. I bought some genuine 5Ks the other day with parallel boards in for R9999.00 so maybe not worth buying a clone.
  8. I am adding another inverter, so should I go with 24 panels 12 on each inverter and 4 strings of three then? Or 3 strings of four?
  9. Very interesting, ambient here today will be around 40C.
  10. I have just connected the panels three in series with an input voltage of 105 vdc. The charger brings this down to 78vdc. 78/105 = 0.74 If I connect the panels four in series then the input is 131.5vdc. The charger brings this down to 100vdc. 131.5 = 0.76 Doesnt seem to be much difference. Isnt the purpose of the MPPT to change the voltage accordingly to provide maximum current. I often see 60 amps form my array which at 135vdc is impossible. However at 100vdc it is mathematically correct


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