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  1. Sorry you are right they are connected in series. You must connect them in parallel your voltage is to high.
  2. How is the panels connected. Series or parallel. They muut be connected in series to keep the voltage in the 30v to 66v range of the mppt.
  3. Do anybody have any experience of the inverter software for Axpert inverters sold by Micro Fusion computers. Thanks
  4. I installed a resistor in the wire to the fan. The noise level is a lot better and PI temp at 46 C.
  5. Geyser Wise systems have a holiday setting. Starts the pump at 18:00 every night an cools the water to 50 C. It also switches of the element ignores timer settings.
  6. We also do some veggies . I like your idea and is thinking to do a part of the garden deep mulching . Have installed some shade netting witch does help a bit with the heat and wind . I make my own compost and try to get it balanced by adding some horse and cow manure . Do you use woodash as a potash supplement . May you have a good season this year .
  7. @GVC the smell that you get could be a lose connection . I would check al the AC and DC connections off the inverter installation in the erea you get the smell for your safety .
  8. Charge the good batteries if you do have spare PV capacity and use them on a spare inverter . Use the full capacity of the batteries and then sell as scrap . I still have the 12v system I started with so the batteries get used to the last one .
  9. After I replaced the capacitors on this inverter it was used on solar for the time the main inverter was removed to replace the capacitors . It was tested for 2 weeks to make sure everything was working . It was charging with solar during this time . This is a new problem . What could cause this not charging on both AC and Solar . Could it be the control card .
  10. Thanks for the reply . The AC is from another inverter . I charge a old set off batteries when there is spare capacity . The setting 16 is SNU and the solar input solar voltage is 105 volt with multimeter . It has been working fine on AC for some time . Only connected the solar to check charging .
  11. @Coulomb Today this inverter stop charging the battery from solar . Does not show solar icon on display . I then connected AC to the inverter . It does show the AC icon on the display but does not connect to the battery to charge . No smell or visible damage . Checked the AC and DC relays and all is fine . Your advice would be appreciated .
  12. I agree it is a clone . The spec sheet for LV 3KVA-24v Axpert with PWM .
  13. Chris Louw

    Axpert vp

    This is a suggestion of @Coulomb . The existing capacitors have a life of 2000 hrs . The upgraded capacitors 10000 hrs . I believe a lot of MOSFET and driver breakdowns is caused by faulty capacitors . Coulomb is the electonic brain and I believe .
  14. Chris Louw

    Axpert vp

    Recieved the capacitors and upgraded 1 inverter today . The MOSFETs K100E08N1 is not upgraded . Will do the spare inverter later this week .
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