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  1. I am busy planning to install 12v 4 Watt LED strip lights in most off the rooms. These lights give a beter light than the 220 volt 4 Watt LED down lights. Using a single 12v power supply with inline fuses. These lights costs is than a LED globe and holder. They are also not Chinese quality.
  2. Our water started to get a light yellow of colour everytime the tap was opened when it was closed for a while. The geyser was 30 months old. Replaced anode at 36 months and the water colour is back to normal. The anode was pitted quite bad.
  3. Hi using 3 Pylontech 3000 for more than 2 years and is functioning good from day 1. What will be the benefits if firmware is upgraded. Don't even know what firmware is loaded. Thanks
  4. I use an old 220volt 100 Watt globe. Before you connect the positive cable to the battery link the globe between the positive cable and the battery. The wire in the globe glows for about a second. Now connect the cable. There will not be inrush current.
  5. I try not to discharge lead batteries below 70 SOC. Use ballencers and checked them regularly. They then last a few years depending of the quality of the battery. I have found that the maintenance free batteries of cars run low on electrolyte after 3 years. Their life can be extended by opening them and correcting the electrolyte levels. Thanks for lithium batteries they make life less complicated.
  6. The reason for my setup is also to get maximum battery life out of the batteries. If 1 off the 12 volt batteries fail, I use the rest in lower voltage inverter until they are of no use.
  7. @SassI also use my old Lead Crystal batteries as a extra source off power. Main inverter on Pylontech batteries. The second inverter is not connected to Solar panels. When we need extra power we switch on the 2nd inverter witch has its own plugs. If the Pylontech of the main system are fully charged we charge the Lead Crystal batteries for the next time we need them. Running like this for 2 years. Use ICC to know when the Pylontechs are full and then switch on the charging for the Lead Crystals with Sonof Wi Fi.
  8. I have a few hundred of these lights. They are in a sealed watertight plastic tube. The lights are 1 meter long. 0.333 amp 4 Watts. Still thinking of what the possibility is with these or maybe sell some
  9. I really thought you were wrong but a clamp meter agree with you. Thanks you for the information
  10. Easy to install with excellent service from Pierre. Software at a good price.
  11. We run most off the water through 50mm pipe to the main heating panels on the roof and the rest of the water through this 20mm pipe connected to the flat panel heat collector . This way we benefit from both heaters and have a balance in the water flow.
  12. You don't need to run all the water through the heating system. I installed a T piece in the outlet pipe of the pool filter and use a watertap to control the amount of water going through to this heating system. There is some heating panels on the roof. This pipe feeds water to a old flat plate collector for extra heating. The normal black pipe wall thickness is very thin and only last a year or two. Try to get good black pipe with a thicker wall.
  13. Want a 250Watt poly sp enersol solar panel or semilar to replace 4 year old panel with hot spot. Would also think of 2nd hand. Thanks
  14. If you reset the Geyserwise. Swith of the power supply to the geyser. Then also disconnect the battery or solar panel so that there is no power supply 12v and 220 v and then restart.
  15. I installed solar assist and experienced some installation issues, but with the help of Pierre at Solar Assist who assisted us with the installation it was running in no time. It was great service and I would definitely recommend Solar Assist.
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