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  1. Left Axpert switched on Right Axpert switched off no load . When the Axpert is switched of the discharge is very little . Hope this helps you .
  2. What size battery is this . The 5 kW Mercer use 600 to 700 watts from 6pm to 6am if it is switched on with no load .
  3. The more efficient charging of lithium batteries makes extra energy available . Boiling a kettle or 2 is hardly noticed .
  4. PiShop Vereniging do have stock of some Sonoff switches . Check their web site , availability can be checked
  5. Thanks , have not used any of these Sonoff wall switches .
  6. Because of excess electricity we installed a 2 plate Elba countertop hob . With these electric plates the higher settings use more watts .The large 2000w plate is 2000 w on setting 6 , 1100w on setting 5 . LP gas reduce by 60 %
  7. Don't know about EU/UK/US tipes . All the Sonoff switches I bought local and import have a voltage input range 90 - 100 v to 240 - 250 v AC and RF433 MHz .
  8. For the pool I also use Sonoff RF . Remote is handy in my pocket to switch for what ever reason . Clouds , backwash ect . I can see if it is cloudy on the CCTV then switch the pump off using Wi-Fi if not at home .
  9. @Tsa I use Sonoff RF switches with the Sonoff remote . For the lights the Sonoff is installed inline with the curcuitbreaker in the db. The lights we want on is switched on at the switch . The pool Sonoff is also in the db . The Sonoff timer is set for times when needed . Also a panic alarm connected with Sonoff remote The RF is quick and always available when in range . Our WiFi sometimes needs to reconnect to Sonoff but is also handy .
  10. Falken I see you do a lot more cycles than what I do in the same period . Do we know what influence of DOD have on Total AH over time . Thanks
  11. Royals are not deep cycle batteries . What is the real state of these batteries ? . If you can get the date code on the top of the batteries we can determine how old they are . Then have a load test done on them to see how many is still useable . I would not cycle them more than 15% DOD which is about 1.4kwh avialable. If you take more out of them they won't last . I will suggest if you want to use the batteries , buy a 1000 watt Axpert and use it as a UPS . As long as you keep it offgrid it is legal . I will not buy storage box for the batteries they are sealed and kept clean easy . Don't run the battery voltage lower than 24.6 v on the inverter display (12.3 v per battery ) and you can get some service out off them . You can then deside if you want to ad panels later .
  12. @Valken My 3 x 3000 Pylontech batteries was installed 8 August 2019 and have done 87 cycles . It has not lost any capacity so far . When fully charged it shows AH remaining 221.1
  13. I also use Lead Crystal batteries . Setting 26 - 58v Setting 27 - 55v The charging specs on the batteries for my storing temperature . Lead Crystal
  14. @ Rusti. The recommended charging rate is 37 amps . The inverter can only be set in values of 10 . Setting no 2 maximum charging solar plus grid set at 30 amp . Setting no 11 maximum charging for grid set at 30 amp . Battery should charge from grid in about 2 hours .
  15. If have seen this happen on a 1000 watt inverter running a small load , when the freezer starts it shuts down .
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