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  1. We also do some veggies . I like your idea and is thinking to do a part of the garden deep mulching . Have installed some shade netting witch does help a bit with the heat and wind . I make my own compost and try to get it balanced by adding some horse and cow manure . Do you use woodash as a potash supplement . May you have a good season this year .
  2. @GVC the smell that you get could be a lose connection . I would check al the AC and DC connections off the inverter installation in the erea you get the smell for your safety .
  3. Charge the good batteries if you do have spare PV capacity and use them on a spare inverter . Use the full capacity of the batteries and then sell as scrap . I still have the 12v system I started with so the batteries get used to the last one .
  4. After I replaced the capacitors on this inverter it was used on solar for the time the main inverter was removed to replace the capacitors . It was tested for 2 weeks to make sure everything was working . It was charging with solar during this time . This is a new problem . What could cause this not charging on both AC and Solar . Could it be the control card .
  5. Thanks for the reply . The AC is from another inverter . I charge a old set off batteries when there is spare capacity . The setting 16 is SNU and the solar input solar voltage is 105 volt with multimeter . It has been working fine on AC for some time . Only connected the solar to check charging .
  6. @Coulomb Today this inverter stop charging the battery from solar . Does not show solar icon on display . I then connected AC to the inverter . It does show the AC icon on the display but does not connect to the battery to charge . No smell or visible damage . Checked the AC and DC relays and all is fine . Your advice would be appreciated .
  7. I agree it is a clone . The spec sheet for LV 3KVA-24v Axpert with PWM .
  8. Chris Louw

    Axpert vp

    This is a suggestion of @Coulomb . The existing capacitors have a life of 2000 hrs . The upgraded capacitors 10000 hrs . I believe a lot of MOSFET and driver breakdowns is caused by faulty capacitors . Coulomb is the electonic brain and I believe .
  9. Chris Louw

    Axpert vp

    Recieved the capacitors and upgraded 1 inverter today . The MOSFETs K100E08N1 is not upgraded . Will do the spare inverter later this week .
  10. Sorry can't help . Courier cost at Mouser R600 for 250 gram . If we beg maybe a electronic expert can disable the alarm .
  11. The SUNON is the wrong fan . Seems they made the hole larger to fit it . The right fan is only 60x60 . The ADDA fan only have 3 wires not 4 like the 5kW . The 2nd photo is a fan from a later version .
  12. @Weasel mine is the same as yours . No fuse
  13. Don't know witch is best . The Geyser wise system have a 7Ah 12 volt back up battery for times when there is no electricity . The pump is rated 7.5 Watt . The battery should last a few hours . On cloudy days the pump does not really work . I have installed flatpanel and EV tubes and instal the non - return valve on the cold water pipe just after the pump . I also install anti shipon loops on hot and cold water pipes . I heard of people battling with pump if not done like this .
  14. Bought from them and had good service . Best to pay at warehouse and collect .Even had a repairs done during guarantee . No problems .
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