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  1. If you reset the Geyserwise. Swith of the power supply to the geyser. Then also disconnect the battery or solar panel so that there is no power supply 12v and 220 v and then restart.
  2. I installed solar assist and experienced some installation issues, but with the help of Pierre at Solar Assist who assisted us with the installation it was running in no time. It was great service and I would definitely recommend Solar Assist.
  3. @AntonDjCheck your setting 29 Low DC cut off on both inverters. This could be the diverence
  4. @AntonDjCheck your setting 29 Low DC cut off on both inverters. This could be the diverence
  5. With the dry contact set to 51v on and 50v off the geyser will only run in this range. If any other large load example the oven is on then the oven will receive priority, the geyser will switch off. If there is not enough solar power the battery voltage will dip below 50v and the geyser switches off automatically and will not drain the batteries. We're running off grid, this voltage range works well with our batteries and system.
  6. Although the geyser is connected through Geyserwise and I have the simpel old Axpert inverter, the supply to the geyser is also controlled by the Dry Contact of the inverter. It will switch off when the battery go below 50v. This with 2kW element works good and inverter and batteries are well protected.
  7. No I will just add panels to my existing solar setup. During Winter I have enough power to heat the geyser. Summer time we run a pool and will need an extra 750 Watt for a few hours a day. The geyser was done a few years before the solar. The EV system has too much maintenance. The water pump failed this week. It also melted the insulation tube covering the copperpipe on the roof. The pipe was at 144° C when the pump failure was discovered.
  8. 12volt pumps we use does not last long. Replace 1 and repaired 1 in 4 years. Also replaced flat plate collecter with burst pipe with EV tubes. To much maintenance, if I have to do it over it will be PV panels
  9. @ViperGTI. Something to think about in your planning. Installing a stove top with LPG and electric plates combined.It will cost more but it is worth the layout. We started with LPG only before installing solar. Later we leaned that we have extra electricity that we don't use. I then installed a Elba stove with 2 plates. These stoves use power depending what your setting is, no1. Uses only 100Watt going up to 1000Watt at setting 6. The big plate is 100 to 2000 Watt. These plates draw a constant current, so no on and off switching. We now cook more with electricity than LPG now.
  10. Cycle 3 x 3000 Pylontech 35% daily and rainydays 50% . SOH 98% after 19 months 224 cycles
  11. Removed the sealing tape of a 30 month old LDV battery. The top of the lead plates was not covered by electrolyte. Top this battery up a few times and still going.
  12. We pay R289 connection fee per month to be offgrid. Maintenance came to a complete standstill. Last month I had 2 council guys to check my installation and ask what is the rules to comply. The inverter was checked that there is no AC in connection. They said there is no rules yet. Our meter was sealed because we don't buy electricity. I was told if we don't buy electricity they will replace the meter. They must try a new version.
  13. Sorry you are right they are connected in series. You must connect them in parallel your voltage is to high.
  14. How is the panels connected. Series or parallel. They muut be connected in series to keep the voltage in the 30v to 66v range of the mppt.
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