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  1. The cables are 1.5 meters long . Pm me if u need boards or cables .
  2. I have 18 panels of 250 watts connected 6 strings of 3 . There was a similar problem with the output . I then only had a amp meter that could measure 10 amps . I disconnected the strings and connected them one at a time and found 1 string only producing 260 watt . The rest was 580 watt per string . Then measured the amps and volts of the panels only producing 260 watt . One of the panels reading was only 2.89 amps . All the diodes on the panel was blown . After replacing them it was normal output again . I could not pick up the real problem with the voltmeter .
  3. There is a DB in our outbuildings . The pool circuit breaker and Sonoff is in this DB near enough to the WiFi .
  4. Hi Richard can you post a photo of what you want . I have some stuff available . Comboard and 4 kW main board that can be stripped for parts .
  5. Thanks for your response . It is a 75 V max PV model . Will sort it out when we are aloud to travel again .
  6. Thanks for your responds it does have three legs , it was blown apart . Plonkster I did get the same spec on google . @Coulomb will there be any thing on the 4 KW Axpert main board that I can use to check if this the only fault with this inverter . I am not allowed to travel to a supplier .
  7. Hi I dont have much knowledge of this inverter . I have found 1 MOSFET blown . After the lockdown I will try to get a replacement . If that does not work I will try and get a replacement main board . This is a spare inverter if it does not workout it will be scrapped . Thanks for your response .
  8. This is a item insurance companies handle different . My solar system was not specified with my policy . I had a lightning strike and lost 2 inverters . They replaced the inverters and some more equipment . All that was required was that I had to get a damadge report on all equipment , the accessor took photos of all the items and I was paid out in full within 2 days . The only thing sad was people giving overpriced quotation for repairs . I was quoted R9500 for burglar alarm repairs. All that was neaded was a main board , deliverd at my address for R1140 and 20 min of my time . Everything repairable was replaced with a new item at less the cost of repairs .
  9. @SLINDILE hope this helps you 475M63 . I have a 3000VA with a blow MOSFET I need to have repaired .Thanks
  10. While working for company Nigel Diesel many years ago a John Deere tractor was brought in . The dieselpump and injectors was reconditioned and the enjin was overhauled by another company but still no power . Connected it to the Dyno to check hp . First the basic test was done . Fuel , water , oil ect . Result aircleaner completly block . Have you ever seen a angry farmer
  11. I use the Dry contact signal to switch high load of when it is cloudy . Do not want to use the batteries . Don't have utility .
  12. We use a 5kw Axpert on a off grid installation . It does have some value for us . Did not use much power after 10:00 today
  13. Like Coulomb stated above it is not wise to withdraw more than 20% of the power of all lead acid battery . Withdrawing 200 watt for 7 hours from a 12v 200 ah battery is not good practice . Your question is why does the battery last longer on the Trailboss inverter . The only way to find out is to get a meter to find out what power is really used . Have you measured the amps taken from the battery . This can be done using a clamp meter on the battery cable or Victron has a battery management system that can do this very good but the cost is about R2200 . You can also use a digital power monitor that works with a shunt PZEM -051 . The cost is less about R280 . This will give you an better idea of the power ( kWh ) you take out of the battery . If the power used is still a lot more on the Axpert there is some fault with your Axpert or installation . The PZEM can also measure the amount of power going into the battery when charging . Keep in mind that there are losses when charging . The best to do now is to keep the batteries fully charged to limit any more damage to your batteries . Get a specification sheet of the batteries so you know what is good practice with them .
  14. Used a Arduino with a light sensor to control the switching of water pump . Cant that be used to determine the amount of light available .
  15. Yes that is true . The connecters of the Sonoff basic and POW 2 can be improved . Very easy to make a bad connection . I still like them but triple check the connections .
  16. Using a 10amp Sonoff on a 750 w swimming pool pump with startup current off 8 amp for more than a year and so far no problems .
  17. @Adri Trojan have a very good website with all the info you need . Charging , equalisation , maintenance , specifications , storage and training videos . Trojan . com will be all you need
  18. New batteries can be shipped dry . Then discharging is no problem .
  19. Left Axpert switched on Right Axpert switched off no load . When the Axpert is switched of the discharge is very little . Hope this helps you .
  20. What size battery is this . The 5 kW Mercer use 600 to 700 watts from 6pm to 6am if it is switched on with no load .
  21. The more efficient charging of lithium batteries makes extra energy available . Boiling a kettle or 2 is hardly noticed .
  22. PiShop Vereniging do have stock of some Sonoff switches . Check their web site , availability can be checked
  23. Thanks , have not used any of these Sonoff wall switches .
  24. Because of excess electricity we installed a 2 plate Elba countertop hob . With these electric plates the higher settings use more watts .The large 2000w plate is 2000 w on setting 6 , 1100w on setting 5 . LP gas reduce by 60 %
  25. Don't know about EU/UK/US tipes . All the Sonoff switches I bought local and import have a voltage input range 90 - 100 v to 240 - 250 v AC and RF433 MHz .


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