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    Chris Louw got a reaction from GerhardK83 in Axpert And Kodak Inverters And Solar Panel Query   
    The cables are 1.5 meters long . Pm me if u need boards or cables .
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from plonkster in Solar configuration   
    I have 18 panels of 250 watts connected 6 strings of 3 . There was a similar problem with the output . I then only had a amp meter that could measure 10 amps . I disconnected the strings and connected them one at a time and found 1 string only producing 260 watt . The rest was 580 watt per string . Then  measured the amps and volts of the panels only producing 260 watt . One of the panels reading was only 2.89 amps . All the diodes on the panel was blown . After replacing them it was normal output again . I could not pick up the real problem with the voltmeter . 
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    Chris Louw reacted to Gerrie in Solar configuration   
    Somewhere before Jaco mentioned that it seemed that six panels are not connected. I would suggest the same as you are not even getting 50% power at 1pm, It might be that a bad connection on one or two of your strings is causing this. It is not easy to pick up a bad connection by just measuring volts because even if a string is barely making contact the volts might measure correct but when it takes load thats when the circuit fails. Try and measure the Amps on each string to see if they are more or less the same. Also check that the polarity for each string is correct at the fuses, as I think if the polarity on one string is wrong it will cancel out another string.
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    Chris Louw reacted to Chris Hobson in Clueless   
    About  4 years ago I installed an electric geyser to act as a dumpload. When my family is away I can get away without using gas. Hot water from geyser powered by PV and I use an electrical kettle in conjunction with a thermos, and cook on an induction plate. Now during lockdown I have my broom-flying mother-in-law to stay and in the interests of my own sanity have abandoned any ideas of trying to be frugal in our gas usage.
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from MarinusW in Axpert King 5KW - AC Power Active Output Check   
    There is a DB in our outbuildings . The pool circuit breaker and Sonoff is in this DB near enough to the WiFi .
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from MarinusW in Axpert King 5KW - AC Power Active Output Check   
    I use the Dry contact signal to switch high load of when it is cloudy . Do not want to use the batteries . Don't have utility .
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from Richard Mackay in Axpert 5kVa PC board burned   
    Hi Richard can you post a photo of what you want . I have some stuff available . Comboard and 4 kW  main board that can be stripped for parts .
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    Chris Louw reacted to Coulomb in Picture & part number needed: MPPT Module ALFA-M3000-24 Solar Hybrid Inverter   
    I don't know the 3 kVA models well. In fact, I don't know of any dual Schottky diode in an Axpert inverter-charger.
    Unless it's in the solar charge controller. Is it?
    If it's a 145 V max PV model, and if the design is similar to the 5 kVA models, the only connections to the main board are the battery terminals (after the battery fuse), the serial port, and (if there is a 2-pin JST connector; it might be the one I see in the middle of the photo several posts earlier) a "power on because there is sun" signal. You can test the power signal by shorting the two pins on the main board with the inverter-charger powered down and switched off, but connected to the battery. But first inspect the circuit to see if it roughly matches the 5 kVA main power supply schematic here. If it is working, the inverter-charger should wake up and the display should come on.
    The serial port will be much more difficult to test. The partial schematic trace of a 5 kVA SCC comms port is here. But if you are going to be replacing the SCC with a Victron MPPT, then you likely don't care if that serial port works or not (it isn't used for anything else).
    Even if PV power connected directly to the battery terminals of the inverter, it seems unlikely that it would blow up the inverter. If it did, I'd expect a bang and bad smell, or at least visible cracks in some of the battery-side MOSFETs. Note: you'll likely need a mirror to see the MOSFETs as they are hard up against one of the inverter walls (at least, on 5 kVA models).
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    Chris Louw reacted to JacquesVDM in Simple Axpert / Pylontech Controller   
    Hi guys,
    Having some time during Lockdown, I have came up with this simple "controller" for the Axpert inverter with Pylontech batteries. It does not run on a Pi, but on an ESP8266. What do you think:

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    Chris Louw reacted to Richard Mackay in Lockdown   
    I repaired one of these recently.
    Please provide a description of the fault and how old it is..
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    Chris Louw reacted to FixAMess in Fuses for Battery supply   
    What batteries are you using? The pylontech have an on-off switch, so when under load, one turns the batteries off before throwing the switch. 
    Besides, in an emergency, turn the inverter off first, then throw the switch. 
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    Chris Louw reacted to wolfandy in Axpert 3KV battery sense issue   
    When doing your conversions you need to keep 2 things in mind:
    The inverter does not operate at 100% efficiency The inverter has self-consumption, which it draws from the batteries. I don't know how much this is for the 3kVA Axpert, but for my 5kVA it is just over 40W An example from my system: My PV generation is 3800W and my load is 1500W. My batteries are only being charged with just under 2100W, which means that I have a bit more than 200W 'system losses' due to self consumption and inefficiencies
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    Chris Louw reacted to Jaco de Jongh in Geyser load control on RE system   
    One was a 200l geyser. they come standard with a 4kw element, no way a sonoff can handle  that. The 2kw element that lasted for 6 months only, I am pretty sure that was a loose connection, I have seen that way too many times in the last 30 years.. 
    I dont think any of those to were caused by a substandard product.. but thats just my ipinion.. 
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from Jaco de Jongh in Geyser load control on RE system   
    Using a 10amp Sonoff on a 750 w swimming pool pump with startup current off 8 amp for more than a year and so far no problems .
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    Chris Louw reacted to GVC in Axpert Logger   
    Now that I have some spare time during the lock-down I am thinking that it is an excellent opportunity to kick-start a community based software development program for Axpert-like inverters. As this program is community based it will be freely available to all. (We could even post it on Github for all to benefit}
    I have written some software in Python and Python Gui for the Axpert, but I decided to try my hand in VB.Net (Visual Studio) and I have modified some code that was made available some time ago on this forum that was written in visual basic. I have turned this code upside down to get a handle on it and modified it to more or less do what I want. I am not a coder by the way and I am only Blessed by being able to read and understand Logic.
    My thinking is that I will start off with a relatively simple comprehensive program that I will share here and from there we will develop it into something that we can all use. My current format resembles a certain commercial one (which I like), so we will first have to alter it into something unique which we can call our own.
    Interested non-commercial developers are welcome to message me if they are keen to get involved. Non coders can share all their ideas here.....from design to wish-list.
    EDIT: And....Yes, the full code will be made available to all.

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    Chris Louw got a reaction from Calvin 101 in Battery discharge   
    Left Axpert switched on Right Axpert switched off no load . When the Axpert is switched of the discharge is very little . Hope this helps you .

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    Chris Louw reacted to plonkster in "Floating" Pylontechs?   
    I would do this.
    Absorption voltage is 52.5V (There is no such thing as Bulk voltage. Bulk is the stage where the voltage has not yet reached the absorption level and we're throwing maximum current at it).
    Float at 51.8V.
    Reason: To properly balance, you need to be at or above 3.48V per cell, plus a small offset just to give the battery something to work with. But above 3.45V per cell little extra energy is stored, hence 51.8V (~ 15 * 3.45) is a good charge voltage.
    51V is 3.4V per cell, which is also fine. But I would definitely raise the absorption voltage a tad. You will then see the SOC go to 100% too.
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from Tsa in Sonoff switches + house lights   
    PiShop  Vereniging  do have stock of some Sonoff  switches . Check their web site , availability can be checked
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    Chris Louw reacted to wolfandy in Sonoff switches + house lights   
    US model fits for SA 
    I have bought all my Sonoffs from Banggood. With the shipping method 'South Africa Direct Mail (Tax Free)' the shipment has always arrived at my doorstep within 2 weeks (granted my last order was before Corona). And shipping costs were usually even cheaper than domestic shipping from a local supplier in SA 😶
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from Tsa in Sonoff switches + house lights   
    For the pool I also use Sonoff RF . Remote is handy in my pocket to switch for what ever reason . Clouds , backwash ect . I can see if it is cloudy on the CCTV then switch the pump off using Wi-Fi if not at home . 
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    Chris Louw got a reaction from Tsa in Sonoff switches + house lights   
    @Tsa  I use Sonoff  RF switches with the Sonoff remote .
    For the lights the Sonoff is installed inline with the curcuitbreaker in the db. The lights we want on is switched on at the switch . 
    The pool Sonoff is also in the db . The Sonoff timer is set for times when needed .
    Also a panic alarm connected with Sonoff  remote
    The RF is quick and always available when in range . Our WiFi sometimes needs to reconnect  to Sonoff  but is also handy .
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    Chris Louw reacted to Pietpower in Goodwe Inverter + 1 x Pylontech US2000   
    If you are running at 600W in backup mode I presume you have a lot of items connected/running.  Is there maybe one of the items that has a high starting current. Something like an old fridge can jump up to 10 time its normal running amps when starting up.
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    Chris Louw reacted to Gerrie in Worth going solar?   
    I agree with Richard for me one of the biggest reasons to go solar was the fact that the grid can fall away at any time for who knows how long. My freezer was unplugged and moved to the garage for a couple of years because I did not want to loose the contents again and again.  The inconvenience of not being able to stock up my freezer made me realize the expensive cost of having to buy food on a daily basis plus the time wasted running to the shops for basic things that could be in a freezer. Now with the solar power, my deep freeze is stocked again because I have that guarantee that the odds of losing it’s contents due to Eskom is very slim. So the saving on groceries alone is a huge saving.
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    Chris Louw reacted to Bobster in Worth going solar?   
    I'm not off grid. But since my system started running reliably we have have always had power in the house with only a few circuits losing power. 
    The way I put it is that most days we generate most (96 to 97%) of our own power and the lights, security system, fridges etc always stay on. 
    A prolonged stretch of bad weather simultaneously with a long outage would see us eventually shut down. That's long odds though not impossible. 
    So we need to stop thinking in binary terms of being at Eskom’s mercy or going off grid. There's a middle ground that will give you good continuity and save you a good whack
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    Chris Louw reacted to plonkster in Python gui   
    You need python-serial (or pyserial for short). Depending on what platform you're running on there will be different ways to install it. On windows, you most likely want to run "pip install pySerial" or similar. Google is your friend.


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