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  1. I sold mine to Nollie Moorcroft at BHG Power Storage Solutions (Pty) Ltd for R37 per kilo. He is based in Benoni - give him a call on 011 827 8704. Best option and a decent guy.
  2. The condition I described here was AS BOUGHT. This was the condition of the cells when I bought them - some had swollen and were badly discharged when I took them out of the box! That is how Sinetech sold them to me
  3. Just a warning to all of you out there wanting to buy LiFePO4 cells: DO NOT buy from Sinetech - they are selling 2nd life 85Ah cells as new cells. They are all under capacity and some have been discharged way below their safety level and are swollen and have been venting. STAY away from Sinetech - they are unhelpful and dishonest.
  4. Can anyone please explain why my voltronic King inverter will not use solar power to power the load but drains the battery during full sun? It starts up in the morning charging the battery from the sun and supplies the load from the sun but, as soon as the battery is charged, disconnects the solar panels and drains the battery! I have set item 1 to Solar and item 16 to Solar for load first but to no avail. Help
  5. Hi there - I have a similar problem with an Axpert 3kVa inverter: Inverter works fine on battery mode or line mode but, as soon as the solar panels are switched in, the unit shuts down showing fault code 06. It only does this in bright light. Why on earth would it do this?
  6. Leo


    Hi - I have converted and constructed a number of electric vehicles (EV) over the past few years but I have yet to find someone else in this country doing the same thing. Let me know if you are so that we can get together and pursue this fascinating and practical hobby...
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