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  1. Hi Forum Members. I'm also in the market for the PylonTech batteries, specifically the US3000B version. I have managed to give my lead-acid batteries a second life thanks to some good advice on the forum but now I think it is time to start planning ahead. Any advice from members would be appreciated especially with respect to combining these batteries with an Axpert parallel setup (I suspect @Chris Hobson may be running something like this). If you are able and willing to supply feel free to PM me or respond here. I'm hoping @SilverNodashi and others are still following this thread, it's a little old but not too old I hope.
  2. Thank you. I think I'll give it a go.
  3. Very, very interesting. Thank you @Solaris. I think I'm going to try that. I will also be googling those Devel systems. Weight is not a significant concern for me but I'm a little space constrained. Do you have any experience with these inverters and Lithium batteries?
  4. Thanks @Coulomb. To be honest I've been pondering switching to the 73.00e from my current 72.70c now that my batteries are getting older and especially I have actually seen the kettle cause exactly this kind of trouble where the system switches even though the real DOD is not as poor as the Axpert thinks. I'm a little nervous though, the 72.70c firmware has served my two Axperts (in parallel) really well. Is it worth it?
  5. Thanks @Solaris. I do have the balance wires, which I'm hoping helps a little. I wired them as suggested in the BMV manual. I'm using a BMV702 and it has started to alarm on the voltage difference alarm, but luckily not often. Still, I'm a little worried but not too surprised, especially since my Axperts are not known to be very kind to batteries in general. I'm hoping to get a few more months out of them and then probably switching to the PylonTechs. If only there was an inverter that is reputable, well-designed and that can be paralleled to provide the power that my Axperts give.
  6. Hi All, I was hoping someone would have some advice on the best way to rotate lead acid batteries. I have a lead acid battery bank consisting of 8 x 12VDC (nominal) connected in a 2x4 bank. They have been in service for more than a year now and after measuring individual cells recently I noticed they are not as even as they should be. I am thinking of taking the first and last cells in a bank and making them third and second respectively and making the original third cell the first and the original second cell the last. Any opinions? Am I over-thinking this?
  7. @Coulomb I was wondering if your 73.00e firmware will also help with respect to DOD on older batteries specifically with the "KettleComp". It should prevent unnecessary switching when DOD is not as deep as the Axpert thinks. I think though that the 73.00e is not applicable to these smaller inverters.
  8. My understanding is that centurionsolar and ICC have parted ways. You may instead want to go to the source and contact @Manie or [email protected]
  9. At some point in the past year or so there was some conversation with respect to solar certification. Unfortunately my memory and Googlefu lets me down, and I don't recall if it was here or elsewhere. Nevertheless, there was some talk that in the future any solar installation would require a sign-off from an electrical CoC perspective (by a competent electrician) and a sign-off from a "solar certifier" for the solar PV side. I'm hoping that possibly @The Terrible Triplett or possibly @plonkster may recall. This may only have been relevant for CoCT though.
  10. Well I can finally say that my axperts are now in parallel and operating as well as can be expected. I have one question though that @Chris Hobson is probably best placed to answer because I think our setups are quite similar. How do you wire the contactor to ensure that you bond earth to neutral on both units irrespective if one or both units are on line. I have a three pole contactor and I take the neutral output from each of the units into the line side and bridged earth on the load side but do you wire then n/o contact from live out through common of each inverter in parallel to the contractor coil?
  11. I like that idea. I think I will do something similar but due to layout constraints might separate my positive and negative busbars. One question though: are the individual battery wires coming in with the square trunking? Are the leads for the BMV also taken in with the trunking or do you do midpoint measurements in some other way (if at all)?
  12. So far I've gone with 35mm2 on a similar battery bank and inverter. For volt drop reasons but also for pragmatic reasons: anything above 35mm2 becomes a real pain to terminate. Both finding the right termination and the actual task of clamping/crimping (not to mention the cost of tooling). I'd like to hear from others who have used anything above 35mm2 what their termination methods are.
  13. To be honest that was a little bit of future proofing that probably was not necessary. My intention has always been to use the Axpert as a learning curve and finally settle for a more long term (dare I say) higher quality inverter. It seems from what I've seen over the last while that the majority of inverters and panels are moving towards higher voltage/lower current and thus thicker wire is not required but just in case I do ever need to drop my voltages and up my current then all I need to do is swap out the fuses and possibly breakers and I should be good to go.
  14. Hi Guys, Sorry about the delay, things got a little hectic in the last day or two. See below for some pictures. Unfortunately due to the addition of the new equipment the trunking covers are off, conduit removed and boxes are open. I'm not sure how to "inline" pictures so hopefully these are OK.
  15. Hi Everyone, Although I've been registered and lurking quite some time, I thought I should at least introduce myself before posting too much more: I'm new to PV in general but have had some exposure to other forms of power generation. Currently we (our household) have a single array attached to an Axpert 5kVA PF0.8 unit with 400Ah of storage in lead acid cells. Although the system operates reasonably well it has some quirks. In the last few weeks we've begun the process of adding a second array and intend to attach this to a second Axpert in parallel (as per one or two of my other posts). Other than the inverter and the solar panels everything else in our system has been designed by me and built in-house (so to speak) and we've put all the bits and pieces together as best as we can. It's been a long road so far, we've worked many long hours and learned some expensive lessons but can proudly say we did it all ourselves. Although we have an operating system I regard myself as a total newb and thus am keen to learn from the many experienced members. Cheers. Nonlinear.


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