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  1. Hello Folk i agreed all of you, i have setup in my infini solar 3Kw plus to 48V for cut off as i know this is 80% DoD for 15S Lithium batteries but, my inverter still showing 66% remaining capacity of batteries, i don't know this situation true or false, because batteries show 3 Led steady on and 1 is blinking, refer to manual this condition indicate the remaining is 75%-99% capacity let me know for any suggestion Alkafak
  2. are you installed this software?why the software always disable the USB connection after started and can't find serial com
  3. the files upload to dessmonitor.com like on power-datacenter.com, if your APP can be reading dessmonitor.com I think it is ok
  4. Hi Buffy, your APP only work with Wifibox, could you make for wifi RTU? ihave Voltronic Infini with Wifi RTU to monitoring of them, the typicaaly of data i have attach in this reply energy-storage-container-B0018470203082092201-2019-12-27.xlsx
  5. yes, i have only buy the wifi Logger RTU for my inverter, clouds and anything is free, if you want the detail call David from eybond they have clouds and APP both android and IoS
  6. Hi Johan, i am in indonesia, the the device has buy from the sales at eybond for more details information could you contact David +8618694062869 from eybond
  7. Very nice of your DB, what the name of market place....i want it< please share
  8. i used wifi logger from eybond (www.eybond.com) they are supported to hybrid inverter and can monitoring via Android and IoS
  9. this My consumption and generate power from a solar and grid
  10. Hi Bluewater, this week i will try set -100 for my inverter and inspect what the behavior, for infini inverter if the load is little during the day, only catch small energy from PV but if the loads increase energy used inverter will catch more energy from PV, this time you are not feed to grid? how about energy consume during night?only use the battery or switching to grid Alkafa
  11. Hi bluewater if you set like your mentioned, how many self consumption draw it now
  12. HI Elbow, where you are get SNMP card for your inverter i am interesting about that, i will try connection via RS485 to ethernet please share with me
  13. Yes, you are right MPPT can handle max 450V from the pv voltage, how about your system ELBOW, run normally and get more energy while the loads have small
  14. Yes, everyday i charged 48V380Ah battery bank and peak power sometimes only 800 watt from panels
  15. Hello Every one, i have Infini 3kw, and installed ten @270 WP CSUN mono panel in one string, sombedy can help me why can harvest a maximum energy from the system, inverter setup to grid tie with backup V, so i noticed inverter follow the amount loads used, if i used small loads inverter will get small energy from panel Alkafak
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