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  1. First off - well done this system looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the design, its inspiring. It makes the project so much more approachable for all. You will reap the rewards for many years to come. Some design differences compared to your system on our borehole system which has delivered water to the house and one acre intensively landscaped garden and vegetable garden and my Mrs's nursery for many years now. 1. I use a venturi on the Jojo tank inlet as well, this is only to add air to the water, air helps with oxidizing the iron to a more filterable form. The more air the better.
  2. I have a borehole with a pretty severe iron problem. I have used a two pronged approach. 1. Ozone - I have an ozone generator connected to an air-pump that pumps ozone into the water. 2. Filter media - This is the part where Maddox was one of the choices. There were others as well. I went with a product called Katalox Light https://www.watchwater.de/katalox-light-iron-manganese-and-hydrogen-sulfide-removal/ As far as i know I was the first in SA to use the product . It was imported by Graham Kluk of Envirowater. He imported more than just for my requirements, but it was a
  3. I recently bought three 265W ArtSolar panels to be used together with a Victron Multiplus and MPPT solar charger and a few other goodies in a caravan installation. The panels worked exactly as expected. When they sell you the panels the give you the test data for each individual panel. I also had a tour around the production facility. It's not micky mouse third world stuff.
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