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  1. Leonc

    Mixing panels

    Power forum has got the specials
  2. Leonc

    Mixing panels

    Thank you, appreciate
  3. Good day, my current system is 6 x JA solar 330w panels in 2 rows a 5kv Axpert inverter and 3 x US2000 Pylontech's. I see the current special on JA panels and was thinking to add 3 x 325w panels, would there be an issue if the panels are not of the same power? Thank you Leob
  4. Morning Just a question regarding the cables linking the batteries, where can I find longer cables to be able to connect the batteries next to each other instead of on top of each other as the space I have is limited to go up but I can put the batteries next to each other. And then I see there is now a 3500 battery available is it possible to use the 3500 with the 2400's in the same bank? thanks
  5. Okay now have gone off grid with my 2nd DB board to be on the right side of COJ, the sparky has installed a manual change over switch, so now there is no connection from the grid to the inverter and here comes the questions. My current setup. 1 X 5kv Axpert inverter 3 X Pylontech batteries 2 strings of 3 X 330w JA solar panels Running ICC software Question - Being off grid now is there any settings that I must change on the inverter? Is there a function in the ICC software that can alert me if my batteries gets to say 30 SOC if so how do I set it up?
  6. Please elaborate on the SSR's, How to do this and where can one get it Thanks
  7. Thanks, a neat setup, will speak to a sparky and take it from there
  8. Can you perhaps share how you did this, I know you have all blue stuff but can it work on my side?
  9. Thanks for your reply Currently I have a separate 2nd DB for my solar stuff and running it from the inverter as grid tied. But due to the COJ's regulations this is not legal because I have a prepaid meter. If I want to keep the setup grid tied then I have to apply for a new meter and will pay a much higher connection fee. So in short the grid power must not in anyway be connected to the inverter, but I want to be able to connect to the grid in case needed, so I need to be able to switch between solar and grid on the 2nd DB and thought it could be done via the ICC software.
  10. Yes that one I have got but I need to go from grid tied to off grid due to COJ's regulations, so I want to see if i can get the HOME AUTOMATION option to put the system to grid and back via the relays if possible or I need to put in a change over switch, manually or if there is an auto switch.
  11. Thanks, yes that's correct but I believe the ICC software will give accurate SOC from the Pylontech batteries, but how do I do it. What hardware or whatever I need to get this done? Not very savvy with electronics or electics but like to DIY and learn.
  12. See my previous post on this question, COJ wants to make it not worth while to have a grid tied system Joburg regulations for solar
  13. Thanks Jaco fore coming back to me. I do not have a BMV702 My system is 2 strings of 330w JA panels, 2 Pylontech batteries and a 5kv Axpert invereter and using the IDD software to monitor. Currently all my solar stuff runs on a separate DB but it is grid tied and not allowed according to COJ.
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