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  1. I have used ICC since 2018. The software was not reliable, and I would have to re-boot the PI at least once a month. I have subsequent ly installed SMH, and I am verry happy with it. The PI CPU usage is lower and I have not needed to re-boot the PI as yet..
  2. Gnome, You might be be correct, but I have been a member since June 7, 2018. I learned to keep quiet if I did not have something positive to say. Now I have something to say. The SMH version IS an major upgrade. ICC under-reports on my system, is unstable and hogs my PI's cpu. This is a stark contrast to my experience with SMH for now.. I have yet to contact there support (as I have not needed to), so I can't comment there, But the software runs great.
  3. I have done the upgrade.. Looks great..
  4. I have upgraded.. It is a MAJOR upgrade.. You wont regret the move.. Enjoy..
  5. Is there someone here who could tell me more about the free SMH please? https://centurionsolar.co.za/
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