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  1. After the update on my raspberry pi from ICC software site update from Marnie, my Emoncms web and the local emoncms is no longer working. The web emoncms is no longer getting updates and the local emoncms is no longing updating have anybody a workaround to get them working again. thanks
  2. here is my input page
  3. What do you want to know
  4. What do you want tro need
  5. MY own problem is the Emoncms is not graphs are not revealing values for months year or week
  6. All thanks to you Christosnake you are the best, you PDF made it possible
  7. Hallo i keep wondering why my Pylontech keeps losing amperage, i have about 271 cycles on a us2000 plus it started losing amperage now i am at 48,6. can somebody explain this phemonen, i taught we are supposed to have minimum of 6000 cycles with a brick if this continues i might loose the brick in 2years thanks
  8. So i need a little bit of Enlighment, if i calculate correctly P=I.V which means if i calculat the PV voltage*Current i should get what i am maching in Watts but from the example if i do that i run short P=87,4v*23A is 2010w but an pv watts i only see 1185w what are the grounds? ab
  9. Hallo Cristo, it is because of those local images i asked i wanted to do the vitual image thing with grid, house and inverter + solar but i haven't gotten the hang of it yet
  10. Hallo Paul can i have the Template for the emon dashbord or the how to Thanks
  11. can you send me the schematics of the whole installtion realy interested. Thanks in advance
  12. started with the construction of the Emoncms web, with the help from @Christosnake Doc. first exP.-https://emoncms.org/dashboard/view&id=55138
  13. Now i know why the input is not beeing logged
  14. did but it shows not available on Emoncms website even thou feed input shows input
  15. Totally avalaible for volunter duties will really love to be part of that thanks e-mail. [email protected]
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